Friday, January 1, 2010

Here, There and Everywhere!!!!

Well I have been MIA for quite awhile. We have been busy working...traveling...celebrating the holidays and well that's about it! Since I have been so behind...this post will hopefully get you caught up on the life of the Lowe's in the past couple months....Yes some of the pictures will date back to November! Yes I know it is now January 2010...A whole new Year!

Ok so go back with me when our Sunday school class came over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner--Do you remember how much I made for that Night!!! Well here are some pics of our Sunday school class and the SPREAD! We really did enjoy having everyone over and the weather was on our side that night...half the class was inside the other half outside! Good company and good fellowship! And no we didn't have a boys and a girls just happened!!

Just in case you forgot...highly unlikely...but Jared got his first buck this past month. He was pretty excited to this big guy in his scope. Shot in south Texas on Pete Wardenburg's ranch! Jared's dad and my dad got to witness the excitement!

Partners in crime!! Browning is working on sharing! We are so proud! How sweet to share his pillow!
Well what can I say....He's a silly one especially with his blanket!
This was taken at our Sunday School Christmas party! All the ladies gathered inside all the men outside...freezing around the fire!!
Moving along in the month of December...Jared and I attend Jessica's graduation from A&M with her masters! Only 3-4 more years and she will have her PHD! Yes she is an over achiever and lifelong student! We had a great time seeing her, Cole and her parents!

After Jessica's graduation we headed south to Sugar Land to spend an early Christmas with Jared's family. We had a good time seeing them and opening some presents a little early! Jared finally got a gun cabinet! He was pretty surprised and excited to put all his rifles in safe keeping! Jared's mom hooked me up with a bag full of teacher things!!! I'm set for that first day!! We also got some fabulous clothes~thanks Granny!
This past semester I was a mentor with Kids Hope. It's an organization through the church that sets up mentors in a high risk elementary school. We had a Christmas party at the elementary school that she goes to. This is my mentor student with Santa!
Like any proud parent...Browning is the apple of our eyes! So what do we do...take pictures of his various sleeping positions in the car to Arkansas...Which by the way was a very interesting trip for us!

Well as many of you know...Jared and I didn't quite make it to Lakeview, AR on Christmas Eve. So we ended up staying in Fayettville, AR in the Homewood Suites by Hilton! Thanks Brent! So when we woke up in the morning this is what greeted us out our window!

Browning wasn't allowed in the Hotel...How rude! But that's ok we snuck him in! You might be wondering how you sneak a 65 pound dog into a hotel...They don't really make purse that big! HEHE but they do make rubbermaid containers really big! I had packed our luggage and Christmas presents in the container so they would stay we just unpacked those and put him in the container! We had to be so sneaky because there were cameras every where! So here is Browning watching Jared pack the car in the icy chilly weather! yes he is in the window sill! All cat like!
The bushed right outside our hotel window! The snow was pretty but hindering our Christmas with family!
Yea we finally made it to Lakeview, AR!!! It's Christmas time!!! My grandma got a Snuggie!! HAHA! My grandfather got it for her..funny story...he went to walmart and asked someone where he could find "Huggies" the sales person says Huggies are back in our baby department with the other diapers. My grandfather was like no no i don't want diapers i want that blanket that you can put your arms in...Oh you want a SNUGGIE...yes yes there in the front of the store! hehe!
My grandfather got a model airplane from my brother that is an exact replica of his plane!
Even Browning got some presents from Santa!
On our way to Missouri! Yes there are Amish in Springfield Missouri! We passed several horse and buggies to get to Laura and Tom's house! The temperature outside was like 28 degrees! Brr I bet they were cold!
So this past week I painted the living room wall. We have been wanting to do this for quite some time and i finally found some free time to get it finished! 2 coats later! Hope you like!

Last night we spent New Years at our friends house! We had a great time seeing all our friends and ringing in the New Year! We had a white elephant gift exchange...quite hilarious to say the least! Jared really knows how to pick them! So we gave out a very hideous star and ornaments...we (well Jared picked it) got a pregnancy test and a magazine called Conceive! Yea we got some laughs out of that! The couple that gave us this is 7 months prego! Happy New Years! 2010 will hopefully be an exciting year for us! parents surprised us on Christmas Day with some news! They SOLD their house! They had a contract on the house in early December and kept it from all of us! My dad showed me his phone with a picture of a sold sign! I was thinking that he took a picture of some random house that sold...just so he could see what a sold sign would look like on their house! boy was I wrong! My parents have lived in Kingwood for almost 12 years! That's hard to believe how long they have been there! that's the longest they have lived in a house! CRAZY! Well 2010 will bring them some adventure for sure! Moving, building a house, being renters!! ENJOY!!!! We are looking forward to seeing you break ground on your dream house! You guys deserve it! We will miss how close you guys were!
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Holly said...

Loved the post! So glad y'all had a great Christmas...with many adventures! I think Browning in a plastic container is the funniest thing I have heard all year! The wall looks great as well! We are blessed to be a part of such a great Sunday School class with wonderful friends! Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann Marie,
I am so glad you and Jared have a good Sunday school class and so many good friends. Jessica looks great and we are also proud of her accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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