Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Out with the old in with the NEW!!!!

So I know you all have been anticipating this moment as much as me!! Right?!? Ok well maybe not but we are so excited to finally have our new furniture in our house! The delivery came today about an hour later than they had told me...but it's ok cause they moved the old china cabinet for me to the garage! So it evened out! Well both pieces are quite the addition to the house! Jared and I spent the evening getting on our creative side...Jared used his skills from floral design...yes floral design to create a bouquet for one of our crystal vases! It looks pretty good! It took us awhile to agree on colors and shapes but it worked out well in the end. We also got some potpourri to bring in some more color to our piece and bonus....it smells really good too! The hutch is quite classic with the black furniture black, the china white and the wilton armetalle silver! Yes we are pretty classy! The table and chairs look great in the kitchen! We are excited to have many meals at that table!! It's also kinda nice to have a little cushion for the tush!

And what do you know...when we were out getting little accessories for the hutch what did we stumble upon?!?!?! anxious.....!!!!!! excited?!?!?!

well we finally found some pictures for our master bedroom! And you know how much i like a bargain!! Well kinda like the chair...they were a steal! The artist like to call the pictures "Red orchid Romance" Yes we know how to pick em! The colors match our bedding really nicely and our "cowboy boot" paint color! We are so chic! So hope you guys enjoy the pictures!!!

YEA...Finally arriving

It seems like forever since I blogged we were getting new furniture...well today it is going to arrive! I can't wait to see how it looks in the house! last night we were busily trying to move around stuff so that the new stuff will have a home! So tonight...I am going to be arranging the hutch with all my goodies! I am going to leave work as soon as I get the call to meet up with the delivery truck...so get excited cause later tonight I'll post the pics!!

Work is keeping me busy these days! nationals is next week...eeekk!! We have a lot going on in preparation for that! So if you don't hear from next week...not to worry...I'm just spending every waking hour at the Heart of Texas Colisium!! Can next Sunday come any sooner! Our season will officially be over next Sunday!! Althouth I must say this year has gone by pretty fast! It's hard to think come June I will have been here a year! (well on the payroll since June! HEHE)

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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