Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yes even Teachers turn in Latework!!!

WOW what a week! It's been a very exciting, thrilling, long hours, exhausting, overwhelming, stressful, wonderful, amazing, ok i could keep going but i'll end it with REWARDING! My kids are great! They make me smile, laugh, and almost lose my voice! I have over 150, yes you read correctly! They are great though!! So I have yet to post pictures of my classroom, the mess water can do to a house and some Mexico pictures! Yes i know i am a little behind! The first week started out with a fire drill in second period! Way to really stress out a first year teacher...30 kids in first periodand a fire drill in second! So the kids got out safely, i remembered my little bag, forgot my class roster! And being the first day, there is no way to know who is in your class, their name, what they look like! So yea that was fun! But hey the August fire drill is over! YEAH! So day 2...everything was going great...well as great as it could be being the second day of school and my second day of school...well up UNTIL about 10 minutes before the bell is supposed to ring to release the kids from school! POWER OUTAGE! JOY! Yes a storm blew in and lighting hit a transformer! So we have to keep the kids past the bell, in the dark, do I have a flashlight...NO (but i do now) So the kids stay about an extra 20 minutes, until we can release them to go home! Day 3....the smoothest day so far!! I am really enjoying teaching...but BOY am i TIRED!!

So Friday evening...Jared got home from Seattle, so we went to a nice dinner to celebrate his homecoming and me starting teaching. Well all was going so NICE...UNTIL....we got home! It was quite depressing to discovery our house was flooded!! Our laundry room, kitchen, living room, dining room and pantry flooded. So we spent the rest of the night and morning pulling up flooring, vacuuming up water, and pretty much LOOSING it! Disasters don't really bring out the best in us! Never did we mention in our wetness and dryness!!!! That clause might need to be added to future engaged couples!!! HAHA!!So after that whole mess we will have new floors throughout the whole house!! So we have been spending what free time we do have picking out tile and pergo! It will look really nice once it is in place!! Key words being...IN PLACE! Hopefully this "little" (HAHA) project will be completed by next this possible?!?! Am i being a little too ambitious in this hope?!?! Probably so!

On the beach

Sweet Summer Time!!

Looking Tan

So this is the tile i think we are going to go with...I'm finally going to get my backsplash! 1 positive!
The beautiful kitchen..HA..aka a 737 has landed!

Part of the living room...pretty right?!?

In the process of pulling up flooring! oh so fun...NOT!
Finally Classroom pictures!!!!

Calendar and once I get a lunch menu i will post it!!

Absent section, quote of the week, our school motto S.T.R.O.N.G

Textbooks, baskets, LOTS of cabinets
Mrs. Lowe's desk..HAHA ( my table skirt i did solo)!!!

my bulletin board
i made these curtains...with help from my mom!!

My first student! Such a cute one too!

Can you believe 30 desk fit in here!! I have since rearranged the room!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Teacher Orientation!!

Oh my has this week been exciting!!! I started new teacher orientation this past Monday and finished today! I have met some really wonderful people in the district and on my campus! Today I met with my mentor teacher and she is just sly of FABULOUS! I'm really in a great district with very helpful and willing teachers, which is EXACTLY where I need to be starting my first year of teaching! I finally go into my room...yes FINALLY!! BUT I couldn't really do too much because it hadn't been cleaned yet. So hopefully tomorrow morning it will get cleaned and i can get some serious work done on it! I arranged my desk and the kids' desk...but i think i will have to change the kids' desk! It's very difficult to arrange 28-30 desk in one room with space to move around! But i do really like the set up i made for my self! The back of my car is full of TEACHER goodies!! I can't wait to unload them in my room! The district gave all new employees a stipend and new teachers in general a stipend to go by supplies! Well i went to the CUTEST store possible!! It had some great things that will look awesome in my to follow!! Next week the real work start with teacher orientation and PLANNING! I can't believe school will start a week from MONDAY! AWWW! Just a titch nervous! It will be great though!

Jared and I and our friend Holly just returned from Arkansas last Sunday. We had a great time skiing, boating, jet skiing, sewing, eating, looking at my parents new house, driving A LOT of driving and a little bit of sleep in there too! We saw Laura, Tom, Clara and little William in Missouri! We had a GREAT time! I will keep saying Little William so he won't grow up on me too fast like Clara has done! that will work, right?!? Well it's my plan for now!

We also enjoyed spending time with my parents and grand parents!! My mom worked very long and hard on my curtains for my room! They are without a doubt the CUTEST at Midway...ok ok i'm a little bias! My sister also made me some great letters for my classroom with her Cricut! I bought some really cute paper at Hobby Lobby and she had some great templates which makes for FABULOUS classroom letters!! I am itching to get them all laminated and hung up! Oh so much to do!!

Well I forgot to mention about Browning....Well Browning made the trip too! It was a memorable trip for him!! On Wednesday...the first day he got to go to the lake...some how he cut open his chest! It was a traumatic day to say the least! I might have slightly panicked...but this is my baby we are talking about...any mother would!!! Well he got stitches, staples, and a drainage tube! My poor baby boy! Well the drainage tube was supposed to stay in till Monday...well that came out a little early..on Friday! Staples come out next Wednesday..hopefully! So he was in a bit of pain for the remainder of the week!! Sorry no pics...too graphic!!!

Ok well after a long 3 days of being a teacher...i'm calling it a night! I think i need a bedtime of 9 maybe 9:30! Pics to follow!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

So you Think you can SEW?!?

Well not really...but i'm learning!! I have been making some more burp cloths! Jared's boss in Mississippi is expected a little girl! They are huge Alabama Bama Cloths they shall get! This weekend has been pretty eventful!! Friday was my last day at Baylor!! It was a great day! Saturday was well just BUSY! In the morning we went to our friends little boys 1st birthday party! It was a petting zoo! Then to a law school graduation party. Then i photographed another 1st birthday party...then out to dinner for Jared's birthday at Shoguns! It was delicious! Then church this morning, lunch, laundry, and packing! I'm exhausted! So now i'm resting up so I can drive 10 hours tomorrow to ARKANSAS! I'm so excited to get to see family! I didn't think this trip would happen this summer, but couldn't be more thrilled! I'll get to see my parents, grand parents, sister, brother, brother in law, niece, nephew, and Chelsea! Browning will be joining me in the car as well as my friend HOlly! We will have 10 hours to lesson planning, classroom management, and tips to help the drive go by faster!

Britni with Hunter...the birthday boy!

Jared getting some Aubrey time! PRECIOUS!

The cake...Tim's aunt made it! So CUTE!

Some of the snacks! Britni is so creative...even
themed the snacks around the barn yard theme!!

The other day we were having a storm and
this rainbow was right out the front door!

BAMA 1& 2

Little B's 1st Birthday Party!

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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