Sunday, August 31, 2008


Some pictures from the first football of the 2008 season! Even though they lost we still had a great time!!


I think we have found our house! Hope you like it!
The pictures are of the front and back of the house, the kitchen, dining room, living room, fireplace and master bedroom!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Too cute!

I guess it just runs in the family!! (Pictures from when Hannah and Jake stayed with us back in June)

Empty Nesters

Well Jared and I just finished having dinner...just the two of us and Browning of course. It's pretty quiet around here without my sister, my niece, and my mom! So far we have not found anything that they left! Good job guys! We had a good quick visit! Clara got to experience seeing her first horse up close..feeding a horse...and RIDING a horse..Yes I said riding!! I think she has been watching a little too much of the Olympics! But I'm happy to encourage a future equestrian in the making! Clara is aboard Frenchie! Probably the best (aka oldest) horse on the property! Which worked out great for Clara! She was curious and happy feeding the horses and the horses were pretty happy to receive all the yummy carrots from Clara! Her outfit was so appropriate for the occasion too. If you can't see Clara is wearing a I heart Horse shirt and horse socks!

We also went to lunch on Monday and the local favorite, George's. Clara, mom and Laura experienced fried pickles for the first time? And they say they are from the south...i think not! Much to their surprise they all like them...especially Clara!

So after a fun weekend...Jared and I are back to work! Tomorrow we have an all athletic staff meeting in the morning! I'm going to be introduced in front of the entire after work today I went to get a hair cut...i can't believe how fast my hair grows when it is short! Nothing crazy just a couple inches taken off! But no worries..if you were worrying...i can still pull it back in a ponytail! A must in my book! Well as much as I would love to keep typing...i'm going to go get my pj's on and pop in the dvd I rented from McDonalds! so Goodnight! Hope you enjoy the pictures! We had a good time showing them around Waco!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cleaning House

Well tonight has been pretty quiet! Jared and I both kinda had rough days at work so we needed some time just to relax and shake off the day! So what better way to let the day go than to CLEAN! I mean how much fun is that!! LOADS! We ran out of laundry detergent early in the tonight i have been playing catch up! I should have taken a picture and the heap I had! It spilled into the kitchen! Jared and I don't really have jobs where you can wear the same shirt/pants/anything from the day again!

On a happier note..tomorrow Jared and I are going to do a little shopping! IT's TAX FREE!! Such a good way to save like $8.00! That's a LOT! (little sarcasm there). but we are going to do that and then tomorrow night we have a "social" get together with our Sunday school class! We are looking forward to that! Jared is going to make his famous salsa and I am going to watch! I'm really GOOD at that!

We are looking forward to Mom, Laura, and Clara's arrival! We are trying to baby proof the house! Browning is helping! Anything he would pick up...well Clara probably would too! We did however get him some bones today so hopefully that will keep him busy when Clara is here!

Kinda a quick little blog tonight! I'm going to try really hard to take pictures tomorrow night at our dinner! Until then good night!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Could Friday at 5 Come a little FASTER....

Well I'm in the office eating my lunch and blogging. It's been a pretty good week so far...kinda busy. Work has kept me on the computer and the phone most of the week trying to get all my judges lined up for this season and trying to get the team clothed this year! It's been a little crazy. Along with riding a couple horses here and there!

This week I have been very good about working out! I'm trying! I have gone running everyday in the HEAT...but it's getting better! I'm mad that I have let my running slip...I used to be able to go so far! But i'm getting it back! I've been running what is known to Baylor students as the Bear Trail! It runs all the way around campus! It's a neat little run!

Last night Jared and I attended a bible study with our Sunday school class. It was close too...just two streets down from where we live! It was nice...we got a chance to know our class better on a smaller setting! This Saturday we are having a big dinner with the whole class! It should be fun! Jared is going to make his salsa!

On a bit of a sad FAVORITE house that we have seen is sold...tear! I just happened to look at their website today and it is no longer listed. VERY big sad face!

We are looking forward to having mom, Laura and Clara at our house! There's been a couple changes to the we hope you like them! Ok talk soon!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


This weekend has been a lot of fun! Yesterday Jared and I went to the Waco Gun Club banquet. I shot skeet for the first time and...missed every time! I'm so good! Jared shot a couple rounds and did pretty good. He missed a few times as well. I got to meet some more people Jared works with and a couple wives as well. It was fun! We had a great dinner...shrimp...potatoes...sausage....corn...YUMMY!!

I was all prepared to take tons of pictures....but when I turned on the camera and went to take a picture of Jared shooting, i forgot to put the memory card in. I was so mad at myself.

Today has been kinda a lazy day. We went to church this morning and then out to lunch with our Sunday school class. It was our first time to join them for lunch. It was nice to get to know some of our class a little better. It's really a great bunch of young married couples.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well last night was a lot of fun! We had some of our Waco friends over to celebrate Jared's 25th Birthday! We grilled out and quite a feast! Jared made a new kind of salsa...just wait till you have some! It's DELICIOUS! We had chicken and beef fajitas with all the toppings! We'll be having that for lunch and dinner for the next couple of nights! Gotta love left overs!

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures we were too busy chatten and having a good time! But we did sing happy birthday and Jared blew out his candles! The PINK cake was pretty good! I was surprised!

Today we looked at a couple open we kinda liked! One of the houses we looked at the other week has been the way I look at it...someone else likes the same taste and floorplan of a house! So the hunt is still on! We just can't wait for it to get a little cooler when we go look! 105 today...HOT!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Well Jared is officially 25~ Yea the insurance will go down! Last night we had a nice evening out! We went to Cheddars and had a really good time! Tonight some of our friends are going to come over and we are going to cook out- TEJAS STYLE! Fajitas....salsa.....chips....YUMMY! IT's not as good as being up in Arkansas but pretty close!

I made this cake for Jared yesterday when I got off work a little early! He wanted a strawberry cake with strawberry icing! Thank goodness he's pretty secure in his manhood...cause that is one REALLY PINK CAKE! I tried to help by adding strawberries to give it some red! We're going to eat it tonight when everyone comes over! I got to use of our wedding gifts...the cake holder! It's really pretty!

It's sure is hot here this weekend! High of 107! Gotta love that! I can't wait for fall/winter when we can open our windows again! That was so nice! Hope you enjoy the pictures..i'll try to post some more tomorrow of tonights festivities!

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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