Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New FUn

Hello Out there! Well Jared and I had an exciting weekend. We went to our friends wedding and Jared got to spend some quality time with some old college friends and I got to be a sorority girl again! It was good times!

Later on in the weekend we went over to our friends ranch. Jared and I got to ride and just hang out with some good friends of ours. It was a busy exhausting weekend for the both of us! We were glad to get home and just put our feet up. It's taken a little time this week to recover from the weekend! I think we are truly getting old! Sp
eaking of getting old....Jared's 25th birthday is on Friday! Yea the insurance will go down!! hehe...the exciting things in life we now look forward to!

Well I left everyone on the last post with some houses....they were quite a disappointment to both of us...just keep looking!! We'll find one at some point! Maybe the one that I really like will still be on the market in a few months and we can low ball them!!! fingers crossed!!

Here are some pictures of our new but old china cabinet. Jared's grandmother got this one for us. It was left in her storage place but we are very happy to inherit it! Jared's dad fixed a broken door and made it look a lot better! It's probably close to 100 years old if not more! It's pretty cool!! Eventually I want to get the A&M and Baylor plate to match my OSU one (thanks mom and dad). I started to look for a Baylor plate today...but no luck
....it's hard to find Baylor goodies..but A&M ones are so easy!!!

Ok I rented a DVD that Jared wanted to watch so this is a quickie post! Hope you enjoy the pictures~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MMMM Sonic happy hour!

So today has been so far a pretty good day! I've had a relaxing day at work and when I dropped off the mail at the stadium I stopped in at my local Sonic! See from 2-4 is happy hour!! 1/2 price drinks!!! Well I encourage you all to try a strawberry dr. pepper! Now when i first heard that i was a little hesitant to try such a combination of a drink! But fear not i tried a sip of Jared's! I'm hooked!! It's really quite delicious! So the next time you are out from 2-4 stop by your local Sonic for a strawberry Dr. Pepper!

I should so be a sales person!!
Anyways! last night Jared and I worked out!! We're getting so buff!! I rode the bike for 15 miles and averaged 18.8 mph! I have to say my butt was a little sore when i got up off the seat! But what a good workout! I can see now why Melissa enjoys riding her bike so much! The best part about riding the bike is you can read your book and not have to worry about falling off it!! (bad expirence with the treadmill)! we won't talk about that!!
Well Jared and I are still on the hunt for the "perfect house"!! here are some pictures of some that we are going to look at hopefully this week!!! hope ya'll like them!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Long Friday!

Well this morning went by pretty fast...but this afternoon is just DRAGGING!! I spent the morning watering the arena..alothough it doesn't sound that exciting..it kinda is...For about an hour and a half I'm operating a tractor and watering the arena with a 500 gallon waterer dragging behind me. Our arena is so big it takes about 2000 gallons to keep it moist! So that's what I did this morning.
This evening Melissa and Hannah were supposed to come down and go to the circus but our plans changed. We are now going to head to Houston this evening because Jared's grandfather had a heart attack this morning. Hopefully everything will be ok. He's having dye put into his atterties to see where and if there are blockages. So we'll be traveling tonight after work.

Jared and I are still on the prowl to find a house around Waco. We found out some discouraging news this week about our lease. There is pretty much no way we can get out of it until Oct. 31st. So we are hoping that the are few favorites will still be on the market in Sept/ Oct.

Well as you can imagine I'm pretty bored at work! Everyone has left to run errands and I don't have that much going on right now to do...bored....I keep checking my email to see if any new ones have popped up since that last time i checked...but I don't have mail! Hopefully the next couple of hours will go faster than the last!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well last night we found ourselves meeting up with our realtor in a neighborhood Jared and I LOVE! It's great neighborhood! It has walking trails, a clubouse, pool, all the perks! We looked at 2 houses that were a street apart from one another! The first house was ok. It had a nice kitchen but needed some TLC! The yard was a mess....the walls needed painting...and we would want to get rid of some of the carpet and put down tile. other than those couple things the house was ok. The next house......was AMAZING! It was the nicest house that we have come across!! The kitchen is HUGE! I think I would have to get some more fiestaware in order to use all the cabinets! If you can believe that! It has granite countertops...built in oven, stove, and mircowave, it comes with the fridge! nice perk....and it's GOREGOUS! All over the house is crown modeling that is just beautiful! The master bedroom is wonderful! The ceiling is cut out similar to ours in our duplex and the bathroom....is SOOO NICE! Jet tub for those long days out at the barn...a tiled shower..oh and the tub has tiles all around it! A big closet and closed off potty area..(that has been a must for me) our house now doesn't have that!

There are three other bedrooms and another bathroom! All really nice! the backyard has like 8 trees in it and a littl peach tree! We really like this house and it's two houses down from our friends house! Browning would enjoy the backyard very much too!!!

Well here's some pics of the house!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


So I've been getting some slack about not updating my blog! I'm a busy person people!! No i'm just kidding! Well yeah it's Friday...and I'm blogging at work! It's a great life! Well today so far i've gotten a new cell phone for work and ordered business cards! I think I have ARRIVED!! I'm kinda a big deal at Baylor University....if you didn't already know that! J/k again! Well this week has been a busy one! Between unpacking...working..working out...cleaning house...grocery shopping...cooking dinner...and sleeping..I've not much time to keep up with this blog! But i'm trying. This weekend Meghan, Jared's little sister will be spending the weekend with us. It should be a fun weekend. I think tonight we are going to treat her and ourselves to a dinner out at one of our favorite little Italian restuarants we have stumbled upon in Waco. Then maybe we will rent a movie...turns out when you buy a drink at McDonalds you also get a free movie rental! SHOCKING I Know!!!

Also exciting new this week....WEDDING ALBUM PROOFS!! They turned out really good! I can't wait to get that book and show all our family and friends are wonderful day! I can't believe that six months has flown by this fast! Before I know it a year will have past! CRAZY!

Jared and I are still on the prowl for a house! We've been looking a lot lately and have several on our list to view at sometime! We have really fallen in love with this one neigborhood in Hewitt! It's called Indian Creek Estates! Fancy right! The one that we really liked...sold..which I guess is good cause someone else really liked the house too! It's funny we will search for houses at different times and our list the we compile are almost identical with ones that we like! Great minds think do really think alike!

Alright it's almost lunch times which means I have to get to the river where 12 horses are waiting to have their teeth worked on! Yes horses have to go to the dentist too!! I'll try and upload some pics on the next blog sitting! Bye for now!

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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