Saturday, June 28, 2008

YEA for the WEEKEND!

Well this weekend has found us so far SHOPPING! It's has been fun and nice to get out of the house and spend some gift cards! It's always more fun to shop when your bank accounts don't change! Jared and I went a little south to Temple where they have a Macy's...but not a good one..bummer! Oh well we still had fun! Jared got some new shoes...which I picked out and I got some new perfume! We also treated ourselves to a Mexican lunch/dinner out! We celebrated my first real pay check! YIPPY!! On our way back home we visited furniture store! It was fun sitting on all the new couches and loveseats! One day we'll get our leather collection! HEHEHE!

Now back home we find ourselves cleaning house, organizing, dusting, vacuuming, watching tv, and playing with the two cutest dogs! Bella is spending the week with us...well till Wednesday! Her mommy is out of town! So Browning is living it up having a friend 24/7! I'm including some pictures of the two! they are so cute together! Browning some nights enjoys sleeping underneath our bed for some reason! One night we caught him in the act! That's the foot of our bed with his little leg hanging out! HEHE!!!

Jared and I have found a new hobby! READING for FUN!! I am proud new member of the Waco Public Library! We have found
ourselves at night and when we get home from work deep in our book of the week! Jared has found a new fav....Jimmy Buffett books! Who knew he wrote books! And I have found myself loving the author Jodi Picoult! SO GOOD! I'm on her third book right now and have another for the lake! It's nice not to have to read text books any more!! Jared is probably not going to be to happy with me for posting these but oh well!! Gotta have some silly ones in every now and then!!

Thought everyone would like to see the picture of the diploma in the frame!!

We are looking forward to getting to Arkansas in just a few more days!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Weekend is Almost Over

Well it's Sunday night and Jared and I just enjoyed a candle light dinner with pizza and potato salad...MMMMM!!! I must say I am not a big fan of frozen pizza BUT Walmart makes a really good pizza that we both enjoy!

Last night we had a good time going out with some friends in Waco~We had dinner at our Brian and Katie's house and then about 10 of us went to this restaurant/bar on Lake Waco! It was a lot of fun! There was a live band and the place was pretty packed! It was nice to get to know some of our Waco friends a little better!

This week at work should be pretty easy going! Jared is going to fly to Mississippi on Wednesday and stay the night and return on Thursday! It will be his first time away since we've been married...sad! But luckily it's not that long!

We are both counting down the days until Arkansas!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Back at Work

This weekend Jared and I went to Kingwood to see my parents! We had a great time going to the lake and testing out the new jet ski!! We got some sun and a couple sour muscles! but well worth it! It was nice going home and seeing my parents and catching them up with all our activities and work things! I thought it was weird when I came home during college...but it's a whole new ball game when you come "home" after being married and having your own home! My room doesn't really resemble my room and my parent's house is now filled with the grandchildren's pictures and families! Time flies!!

Sunday we spent the afternoon at Jared's grandparents house in Tomball. It was fun seeing all his family! It's nice...Jared's family all lives near by so you get to see everyone in a visit! We saw his grand parents..parents...grandma...aunt..uncle..cousins! It's nearly impossible to get our family in one place at one time! We try though!

This week at work I have a new staff orinetation to attend. It last till wednesday! I'm getting to know the ins and outs of Baylor! So far work is going really good! I'm anxious to really jump into it all and get the season rolling! I've been busy trying to organize files and clean out the office! every now and then I get to ride....well everyday actually!! I love my job! This week i'm going to put my new FACULTY card to use at the workout center! I'm going to try REALLY hard to get there at 6 am so my day will get off to a good start! Jared even has access to the facility so we're trying to get a schedule going so we can workout together!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

That REALLY Happened!

So this afternoon was going great! I got off a little early..Jared was home early...We were trying to make some Chinese potstickers and just plain enjoying each others company! Then we decided to go out and eat dinner! All going great! On the way home I suggested we go fishing and take the 4-wheeler out! All good right....well me being an inexperienced 4-wheel into a little bit of trouble! Who knew mud could get so deep that the 4-wheeler was stuck!! AND I MEAN STUCK!! It was probably in about 4 feet of mud! So as Jared hears the roaring of the 4 wheeler he walks over and sees the predicament I was in! He was well.....kinda mad....kinda nervous...kinda frustrated...and wanting to get it out!!! We tried just the two of us to get it out...but no use...At this point I am covered head to toe in mud! I had mud behind my ears...! So Jared walked back to the house to get the truck and anything to get the 4 wheeler out! He returned with the truck and some boards...a shovel...his bathing suit.! First we had to find a way to get the truck down where the wheeler was! Which is pretty tricky because we don't want to get the truck stuck in the Jared finds the way down to the creek with the truck! We try doesn't budge...we try again...nothing! Jared is pretty HOT right now and i'm just scared that this 4wheeler is going to be stuck here...we try a third time....AND....the 4 wheeler moves a little....we try again and it's free!!! YEAH!!! Now all we have to do is get the truck out of the creek bank! EASY right....NOT REALLY! Jared goes back the same way but can't get back over...his tires are just spinning!! OH GREAT!!! We try getting the truck back over again and again and again and again...nothing! So I suggested going through this field to a concrete road...LUCKILY that works! So the truck made it back home with just a little mud...the 4 wheeler makes it back covered in mud and I make it back with mud every where on my body!!! I have never been in so much mud!!

So the moral of the story is just because you have a 4 wheeler....keep it on solid ground...don't go anywhere near the mud!

Browning was also covered in mud! He got a bath!

So now I am is the 4-wheeler, and Jared, and the dog! CRAZY NIGHT!!! NOT EVER TO BE REPEATED!!!


Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Well our weekend in Fort Worth was just what we needed! We had a great time seeing our friends get married and getting better acquainted with some other friends. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a great time! I love dancing with my HUBBY!! If anyone has every seen me dance..ya know I'm pretty bad! But dancing with Jared is wonderful! No matter what we always seem to be in step and in sync! It's wonderful! After the wedding we hit up Cabela's before heading back to Waco! The guys had a great time...and I will admit..I had a pretty good time too! We spent about 2 hours in there looking at all the stuff and watching the fish in the tanks! It was a good time!

I think what completed the weekend was Sunday morning's breakfast/lunch! It was amazing! We went to this truly authentic mexican food restaurant. It was AMAZING! I had the best burrito and Jared had this sandwich thingy! It was soo GOOD!!

Even though Browning didn't venture to Fort Worth with us...he still had a great weekend. He has a new friend...Bella! They spent the weekend going swimming...running...playing..sleeping...and eating! He was exhausted when we picked him up! He's been missing her ever since...but luckily we set up a play date with Bella and come to find out if Browning has a friend in the yard he won't dig out! So it benefits both of us! It's great! He's been crying for Bella since she left our house tonight! Sad! I'm just glad he has a new friend!!!

Another exciting moment in the Lowe life....we bought our first tent! That's right...we're going camping! We setting up a weekend where we can test it out Lake Waco..only about 10 minutes from the house in case if I need to use the bathroom...shower...or need ac! I'll be a pro before you know it!! We are looking forward to using it! We did set up in the backyard to see how it looked! It's pretty neat! I'm exciting for our first camp out with smores!! MMMMM!!!

That's about our whole weekend!! Talk soon!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Well the week is finally over! Thanks goodness! Jared and I are looking forward to this weekend! We are going on a short little gettaway! We are going to be attending a friends wedding in Fort Worth! It should be fun! We haven't been to a wedding as a married couple yet! A FIRST...AWW!! It will be nice to have a weekend just the two of us! Hopefully the weekend will go as slow as this past weekend...but that never seems to happen!

Things at work are going well! I have several little projects to keep me busy over the summer! I am really enjoying my job and the people I work with! I think this is going to be a great year!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 1- June 4, 2008

Since "blogging" is the new thing...WHY NOT!! I'm excited to let my family and friends have a better view of my life as a married woman with finally a grown up job! I just found out this week that I'm going to be hired on full time with Baylor University working with their Equestrian Team! My DREAM JOB! After all the work with OSU and TAMU, six years of school (2 degrees) , and countless number of horse shows it has finally payed off! This next year will be an exciting one for sure!
Married life is going very well! Our house in Waco is really coming along! We have been slowly getting the walls decorated and just bought new end tables for a our living room! We like to call it "Chic Rustic Cowboy"! Jared seems to like it...he's very glad i'm not a floral, pink obsessed, pretty pretty princess! Our style is very similar, which has made decorating a lot of fun! Besides decorating I have been trying out new recipes that seem to go over pretty well!! I am a huge fan of the crock pot...and grilling! It's been interesting some of the dinner that have been produced in the Lowe household!!
This weekend Jared and I are looking forward to a trip to Fort Worth. Some of Jared's work friends are getting married and we are going to attend the wedding and festivities! It will be exciting to go to a wedding as a married couple! We are staying in down town so that will be fun!! It will be nice to have a weekend just us away from Waco! We are EXCITED!!!

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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