Sunday, March 28, 2010

BIG 12 Champs!!

Belongs to the Bears!

Who needs paper...we have a horse!

The finished masterpiece!

Yes...Baylor won the Big 12 Equestrian Championship! It was a whirlwind weekend...actually the week as well! I am ready for some time off...but we have nationals in less than 3 weeks! I wish we had summer's off! Friday we beat OSU to play A&M on Saturday! All my schools in one weekend! The girls rode great and couldn't be more excited about their wins!

**NEWS** I have 2 possibly 3 photo shoots next week! I can't wait. Friday i am going to photograph one of my friends little boy! He's about 8 months old. Then Meghan's at Texas A&M and maybe one of my friends friend that wanted a family picture! YEAH! I haven't had time to use my camera much in the past week or so...TEAR! So i will make up for that time off this week! It will be fun and full of blogging i am sure! Friday night we are going to leave for Sugar Land to spend Easter weekend with Jared's family.

Yeah for a short week and next week!!! 4 day weekend! That will hopefully get me caught up on my sleep and rest!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Will and Ashleigh's Wedding

Well this afternoon I attended our friends, Will and Ashleigh's wedding! It was a lot of fun! We know them through our church and they were in our small group. Ashleigh is a high school teacher at Midway and Will is finishing up school. They are a fun couple to be around! The wedding was lovely and our table at the reception was filled with couples from church! Jared didn't end up making it back in time...his flight from DFW to Waco was canceled twice! Too bad he didn't have the corporate plane take him to Idaho...Too bad i don't know any corporate pilots..hehe!! I told him I took lots of pictures so it would make him feel like he was there! Hope you enjoy! OOO I forgot to mention in the last post that i will be photographing a newborn! Well she hasn't been born yet but any day now!!! I can't wait! Enjoy the pics from the wedding! Well it was a bit longer than i anticipated..I just got caught up waiting for Jared to get home! (didn't you fell like you were there hehe!)

Holly's favorite picture of the day! WEDDING CAKE mmmm!!!

I loved the flowers cascading down the cake! So elegant!

Cuttin the cake

The band at the reception...i think i heard they play in the orchestra at the church!
Goodies!First dance

Holly and Chris
Entrance at reception

Our table...the mirror kinda reflected on our faces!

the other half of the table!
Father Daughter Dance!
A little cake exchange!Happy Couple!

This was one of my favs!

Garder toss

She caught the bouquet

about to throw!


I liked the sparklers!!

This one just cracks me up...these boys are Ashleigh's students...can you tell it was a little windy!

Congrats Will and Ashleigh!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Time

Well it looks like spring is in the air! I captured these after i finally got home today! It always seems like something catastrophic happens on Friday afternoons just when you think you will be getting home a few minutes early! So today one of my favs decides to colic on a bit late tonight to get home! But no worries dinner was perfectly warm and cooking in the crock pot! Thanks for the new recipe mom! The house smells mmmm good! Reubin sandwiches tomorrow for dinner! Jared will love it! So anyways here are some blooms from our front and back yard. Enjoy!!
Well the mushrooms are in full bloom! hehe

We are supposed to be getting some bad weather tomorrow!

This is the plant that we planted in the backyard by the kitchen...this is the first bloom for it!

Tree by the garage

The little tree in the front yard! I like the clouds in the background!

Does this count as a flower or a weed in the front yard...yea i know bummer it's weed!

I love spring!! But the allergies are no bueno!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Staying Busy

Well my computer is not wanting to me to download pictures today...booo! Well Jared is in Idaho till Saturday! He should have fun...i wonder how many potatoes he will eat!?! Well here are some of the picture that i took of the house in Flippin that is pretty much the same floor plan my parents want to build. Enjoy! Bear with me on these canon battery died...sad! But good new's all recharged!

These come with the of charge!

the wood work on the front deck

cool arch on the front entrance

downstairs bedroom...i think this is the one for the grand kids!

Living room down stairs

Down in the basement living the concrete floors
Basement hallway

basement living room
Cool floors!1 of 4 bedrooms in the basement
This is the hallway from the entrance that leads to the kitchen, mud room, laundry room, garage, 1/2 bath, the other way leads to the master bedroom
The sun room, my parents aren't going to do this room, but it was sure pretty!

This is the kitchen...still a work in progress!
Part of kitchen and sun room

living room looking into kitchen and that neat kitchen window!

Entrance, formal dining room, i was standing in the living room
Rock fireplace!
The awesome window in the living room
Formal dining

Pretty window in formal dining

They shifted the garage a little bit from the plan, but my parents will make the garage right next to the house...not angled off the house
Front of the house

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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