Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time Flies!

Well this weekend marks the first time of this year that we are traveling- (BU Equestrian). We are going to Mankattan, KS to compete against KSU and Stillwater, OK to compete against OSU. It just so happens that this weekend is homecoming weekend! Well if you can remember back...oh say 2 years ago!!! Jared ask me to marry him at OSU during homecoming weekend! It was the game where A&M beat OSU by 1 point...we won't discuss what happened this year! I can't believe it has gone by that fast...and in just a couple months we will be celebrating 1 year of marriage! Time flies when you are having a good time!

So...if Jared ever reads my blog...I love you so much! You have made me so happy over the years! I am so blessed to have you as my husband! xoxox

Monday, October 13, 2008

More house pictures!


Well another successful weekend at the Lowe house! We're not finished yet but well on our way! The house is really coming along nicely! A lot of our friends from church have come by and taken the tour! They all seem to really like it! This past weekend my parents came up and my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew! Quite a group! Everyone seemed to really like all the work that has been put into the house!! There is definitely much love, sweat and tears in this house! Quite the group/family project! We had a lot of fun packing and unpacking! Here are some pictures of the house now! The lighting was kinda bad in some of the pictures. I took them all at night and my camera just doesn't like that! Jake had a good time wearing Jared's flip flops and Hannah enjoyed wearing my boots! They were so cute! they even wanted to get in on helping us move! For quite awhile they mopped the duplex floor!!

We got a really exciting phone call on Saturday....Our bedding came in! YEAH! It looks so good! The chocolate wall and the bedding are perfect! They really pop! The office is a bit under construction right now! Tomorrow evening I am going to tackle the chair rail! I think I can handle painting that solo from the excellent teaching I received from Jared's mom! The washer and dryer got moved in on Sunday and look great up against the Mint chocolate chip walls! I even did some laundry...and I was happy in my fun room!!! hehe

And the kitchen.....oh the oh my the kitchen....I think I just realized that I have a lot of dishes!! Not that i am complaining...I LOVE FIESTAWARE! but that is going to keep me busy for a little while! My mom got me started and did a great job helping me pack and clean and organize!! I wish i could just take a week off of work and just spend it in the house!! Unfortunately i have to leave town on thursday and am not getting back till! But it's going to be a fun trip cause Baylor's going show KSU and OSU how it's done!

Well...tonight has been fun Jared and I signed up to play softball with our sunday school class and we played 2 games tonight! we lost both but had a great time!!! Talk soon Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So after much work at 10329 Sierra West, our house is coming together quite nicely! Jared, his mom, dad, grandma and myself have spent countless hours getting just the way we had imagined! We are anxious to show it off and are really looking forward to everyone spending Thanksgiving with us. We have just a little project here and there that we are wanting to do but for the most part all we have to do now is move our stuff in. We have moved some stuff over and are now staying the night in the house! It's been quite an adventure for sure! We're so happy that we found this house and the whole process is completed. Surprisingly the closing process was quite easy...the week leading up to closing was another story. BUT it's all over and we are now HOMEOWNERS.

Lets see...I'll try and start from the beginning with all that we have done to the house. I guess i'll walk you through from the outside to the inside! Well if you can remember the outside when we were just looking at the was a bit OVERGROWN to say the least. It was so bad that you could barely see the beautiful house behind all the bushes. So needless to say...our yard received a military cut. Everything pretty much got buzzed! Jared went to the dump yesterday and what fit on the trailer...was......over 1300 pounds...YUP that is just shrubs and tree limbs..and there is still a pile out on the curb for the garbage truck! Our front yard is so nice now! You can walk between the bushes and the the inspector wanted...Jared has plenty of head room under the tree...and guess what??? We had a light next to the garage! Well I say we did because that got replaced!

As we move to the inside of the got quite the face lift! The entry way received an updated and GORGEOUS fixture the hallway to the spare bedrooms received a new fixture. The "Jimmy Buffett" room is now a beautiful shade a yellow....a new comforter..and new pictures! I can't wait to get the furniture in there! The office...right across the our office! Not just any office's an office fit for 2 Aggie grads! It will eventually have chair rail..and below the chair rail is a beautiful shade of maroon! Yes maroon! It's absolutely gorgeous! The other guest room stayed the same color (Khaki) but is completely furnished with all the same stuff from the duplex! The Living room didn't really change all that much except for our new ceiling fan! It's so nice and puts off some good air! we just added our furniture and they feel right at home! The kitchen made quite a transformation! We are very proud of our kitchen and the time spent here! We have three new fixtures in it, a microwave, and CLEAN appliances! IT looks so GOOD!! I can't wait for you to see the pictures! THe master bedroom...I just LOVE! It's perfect! Three walls are khaki and the remaining wall is chocolate brown! It looks so good. I was a little nervous about it but it turned out so wonderful! Even our laundry room changed! It was a hideous shade of hunter green- DARK- UGLY! But now it's what i like to call mint chocolate chip ice cream- it really looks like that shade of ice cream minus the chocolate! It goes so well with our banana split shade in the guest room! It's like Baskin Robins in the Lowe household! MMMM!!

Even the backyard got some TLC! Thanks to Grandma Helen, we now have a flower garden! The overgrown only separated by metal is now full of flowers, plants, and monkey grass looking plant! It looks so good! Ok here are some pictures! we can't wait to have everyone over!

We've come a long way! And i didn't even mention everything!

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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