Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Remodel 101

So the fun continues making 10329 Sierra West more fitting to our style and taste. So what do you ask have we done.....well..both of our bathrooms have received a little redo! Thanks to my ebay shopping, I found a great deal on some wrought iron bath accessories. Well I had been watching them and thinking....watching and pricing other bath products at Lowe's, bed bath and beyond and marshalls. Well those fine stores wanted to break the bank in order to update the bathroom. The more I would ebay wrought iron bathroom accessories...the more i fell in love! So I ordered! In just a couple days I received my package! I was very impressed with my find! They are solid wrought iron...twisted like our living room furniture and saddle stand so they fit right in with the decor. Jared is so handy with his electric drill that he went to work on both bathrooms last night and got them all finished! They look great! We also replaced the lighting in the master bathroom too! No more Hollywood lights!

Jared's parents came up this past weekend to help us put gutters on the back of the house! Within just a few hours....gutters on the house! they look great. Jared enjoyed getting some time with his dad doing guy stuff! Working with power tools and getting dirty!! Yes very manly stuff!! The paint on the back porch matches perfectly to the gutters! We enjoyed having them come up and go to church with us! Jared made his infamous venison burgers. We thoroughly enjoyed them. Here are some pictures from this weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back Home

Well all i have to say is what a week! After Monday's dr. apt i went straight to the ER....after spending about 7 hours in the er i was diagnosed with having a tooth abscess and referred to an oral surgeon. So Tuesday morning Jared and I go to that appointment and he says no it's not a tooth abscess but a gland problem...and he admits me back into the hospital and preps me for surgery in his office. So we check in and they put me on some IV's and antibiotics. Then Tuesday night since the swelling didn't really go down and i was still in a lot the OR i go. So my doctor reopened my incision and places 2 tubes for drainage. I was finished with surgery about 8:00 pm. A bit groggy and tired i am brought back to my room. Jared by now is completely exhausted, nervous, anxious. scared but still very supportive and loving to his sick wife! So Wednesday morning they take out the tubes...very painful and i get checked over. So i was released from the hospital Wednesday evening. We were both glad to be back at home sleeping in our own bed...without nurses checking vitals all through the night! Browning was glad to have us home too. So now to Thursday.....I just finished with my second Dr. apt. My first one went fine...except when the dr. did an x-ray he found what might be a problem with my tooth...yes back to the tooth theory. So he referred me to an endodontist and said i might have to have a root canal...not fun! So just got home from that appointment...good news bad news...Good news: all the test that they preformed ie. cold test, tap test, and vibrating test I passed all those...bad neck is too swollen to get an x-ray. So i have to go back next Thursday when the swelling will go down. So hopefully i will not need a root canal!!

On a lighter note! Jared and I feel so blessed with all the calls that we have received and prayers that have been made! A couple from our Sunday school class brought Jared dinner in the hospital on the night i had my operation. They sat and talked with him while i was in the OR. They are a really sweet couple! Also Brent came to see me today and took me to my Dr. appt. His family also sent some flowers! They are so beautiful!! Here are some pictues! Thanks Brent, Melissa, Hannah, and Jake. I also got some pretty pictures from my niece. Thanks Hannah! Browning really liked the drawing you made of him!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Home in bed

Well it seems my past just keeps following me. I have had problems with my neck/throat for 10+ years now. Thanks to a fabulous day in band. Yes that was sarcasm. This weekend i spent Saturday in College Station for the equestrian match..not feeling good at all...but thanks to advil got through it. Then Sunday i spent pretty much the whole day in bed. Now monday i'm at home in bed. I'm waiting for 2:15 to get here so i can see the doctor...but not that i haven't heard the same diagnosis for 10 years. They will want to hear the story from the beginning...tell about the surgery...and then be a bit perplexed prescribe the same old drugs and that will be that. a few months later the same symptoms will present themselves again. or they will stick a needle in my neck extract fluid and analyze only to come back with....YOU'RE Healthy! Let me tell you...this is not healthy! I can't really talk or move my head or swallow. my neck is swollen and you can't really see my left jaw bone any more. it's like someone implanted a baseball in my neck. LOVELY don't you think! Luckily i have a great husband how will cater to my ever needs! He's been so great this whole weekend. I even think browning senses something is wrong. he really hasn't left my side since jared left this morning. so hopefully i can get over this soon...cause work is very busy right now to say the least.

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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