Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Home away From Home- AKA Aggieland

Well this past weekend Jared and I went to College Station to celebrate Meghan getting her Aggie Ring and also attend the football game! Luckily they won! So it was all in all a great weekend! I have been away from College Station now for about 3 years...hard to believe that it has been that long. After spending time in Stillwater and now Waco...I lost that feeling of being in Aggieland! That feeling is hard to explain, describe, experince! But it's so wonderful! Walking around campus and exeperiencing "Aggie Tailgating" is pretty remarkable! So many people with one thing in common! It felt great to be apart of that once again! * i had to get a new Aggie shirt since all mine are on quilts, I Y maroon t-shirts! Here are some pictures from this past weekend! Hope you enjoy!

Aggie Rings! This picture made the jumbo tron at the game!

It just wouldn't be fitting to go to College Station without getting a picture of this!

At the football game! Yea Ags Win!

Outside of the Associtation of Former Students...still gleaming!

Meghan dunking her ring!

Posing by the cannon! I think Jared have a picture very similar to this from 3 years ago!

This bus is absolutely the ultimate Tailgaiting experience! These old ags built this bus! It features flat screen tv's, upper deck,it's crazy! So we got a pic! It will be a good reference when we build our Ultimate Aggie Tailgater! HEHE

An Aggie Family!

I think this was after Meghan dunked her ring! TJ, Jared, Meghan and Clay

Meghan and her mom right after she got her Aggie Ring! excited...i think so!

Granny getting some ZZZ's before the big game!!

At the Gaines Family tailgate! Jared and I took me to my first Gaines tailgate when we were dating....forever ago!!

At the football game...we could almost touch the jet during the fly over on the third deck of the Zone! j/k but we were pretty high up there!

Brandon, Jared and Granny outside the Association building!

Jared and I in front of the Biggest Aggie Ring

Yea..I got to see Jessica!

Granny gettin some sugar!

Jared says this ring statue has been around...I thought it was new! Well we got a pic by it! Even Browning is sporting his new Aggie Collar and Aggie Shirt! They only way I got away with buying clothes for Browning...it was camo!!

The boys and Mrs. Lowe!

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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