Monday, December 7, 2009

It's been Awhile

Thanksgiving at the Lowe's House

Jared and I
I know i are probably wondering what in the world the Lowe's have been up to!!! It's been...well to put it honestly BUSY! Monday will roll around at by the time i have a chance to notice it's already Friday or Sunday even some weeks! I have many pictures in my camera that i need to's sad! I don't have it with my today..but Jared just sent me some pictures from this past weekend. It was rather exciting for him to say the least!

I can't believe Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is just around the corner. Surprisingly I have almost finished my shopping. I have a few more little goodies to get! This weekend we have our Sunday school's Christmas party and I have class--yes on Saturday..isn't that lovely! I am going to make a pecan pie for the party. It was requested by Jared. He likes to compliment me on my desserts!!

Well last weekend Jared went down to South Texas to go hunting with my dad. He was told he could shoot a buck and a doe! So Jared was excited and ready to head south! He left early from work on Friday to get a jump start on the highway since they said it was going to snow! YES snow..crazy! Although we did get the snow flurries it lasted all of about 20 minutes. Houston of all places got more snow than what we did. So Saturday morning he was up early 5:00 am..which was actually getting to sleep in for that's crazy! He didn't shoot anything but had a great time seeing many deer and other wildlife! Saturday afternoon--back to the stand. Rifle in hand he was ready for the big one to come up to the feeder!! Well he got lucky! A 9 point buck came up for a little snack! Nothing like some corn! Jared accuracy was right on. He hit the buck right above the shoulder. he was dead in his tracks! Good shot honey! Jared called my dad for some help..the guy weighed over 176 pounds! So they brought him back to camp to get him cleaned up.

Jared's dad made the trip down Saturday evening, so he go to see his buck too. Sunday morning my dad, Jared's dad and Jared all went out to see what they could find. No shots but everyone saw a lot of deer- including a big buck- too young to shoot- but i do believe some drool escaped some mouths!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Jared's love for the day! I bet he was pretty proud to be driving on Highway 35 with some antlers peeking out of the bed- oh come on you know you have seen them on the highway!

Although not really smiling- i think he's jumping for joy on the inside!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Pic Time

So when we were up in MO seeing William and family we had some pictures taken. Here are a few.

Loaded Weekend

Well this weekend was a lot of fun, I must say! Busy but fun! Friday night Jared and I went to dinner and had a relaxing night. I cleaned for just a little...we were saving the over haul for Saturday morning...such procrastinators we are!~ So Saturday we kinda sleep in...GLORIOUS! So I start cleaning the house and Jared starts the clean up of the front and backyard! So my cleaning was more of like a SPRING cleaning..I kept finding things that would bother me and if it bothers me then it might bother someone else...So cleaning was on the agenda! Jared mowed, weed eated, edged, blew all the leaves, grass etc off the patio, sidewalk! The yard looked great when he finished! And it took the good majority of the afternoon! Then our friend came over to help him fry the turkey. I finished my cleaning...and then had to go to the grocery store! So i left the house around 3 pm for the grocery store, Realized i left my recipes at i ran by work then to Wally World! What a wonderful place! I love that everyone shops on the weekends! They fill the aisles with carts and then socialize with their second cousins best friend's mom's daughter! A slight exaggeration but still so true! So as they block the aisle...i can't get the one can of soup i need to complete my shopping list! EERR! So after getting all my goodies i head home! I get home about 4:30 pm and the party starts at OUR HOUSE!!!! So I plan to make the following:

Cranberry Relish
Green Bean Casserole
Spinach Dip
Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin Pie from the Southern Living Magazine!
Oh and take a my hair...find something cute to wear-i laugh!

So I make everything and leave the Pumpkin pie till the end--not the best move on my part! I didn't read the entire instructions....3 hour and like 30 minute bake time!!!! OOPS! but no worries it turned out great!

Oh and by the way...just in case you were wondering....i got EVERYTHING made...and had time to take a shower and straighten my hair...Even though it was like 65 outside and like 70 in the felt like 120 degrees! It took me a little while to cool down...but everything was finished! and quite yummy!

The party went pretty well! We had about 15-18 people over! Our last guests left about 10:30 and then Jared's parents and grandma arrived at exactly the same time. We stayed up a bit chatting and then it was bed time!

Sunday morning Jared and his dad got to work on our ceiling. We think the leak was in the chimney. So they got that all fixed! YEAH! Then the fridge started leaking water....again...coincidence?!? Why doesn't everything just fall apart at once! So him and his dad figured out what the problem was and YEAH we don't have to buy a new fridge! His grandma made some yummy banana bread and his mom, grandma and i enjoyed catching up on life while the guys worked!

I promise one weekend we will not put you all to work when you come to visit!

I'll post pics later tonight!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Harvest Hoedown

So every Oct 31st our church host a Harvest Hoedown for all the kids in Waco. It's a great experience for kids and adults to play games, get some candy, and have fun. Well this year...we slipped in when I got home from College Station. Our Sunday School class ran several booths and enjoyed getting to run around with all the kids. After it was over we all went to Rudy's for some dinner! MMM! Jared and I are so glad we found this Church and this class! We have made some GREAT friends!

Speaking of great friends... last night Holly and Chris came over for dinner and Holly helped me with my lesson plans! Pretty much my lesson ROCKS! Thanks Holly for all your help! We even had the neighbor kids come over and give us some insight into our Fraction Shuffle rap! Yea I'm pretty excited to present this Fraction lesson!

Well this upcoming weekend we are going to host a Thanksgiving party at our house for our Sunday School class! We are looking forward to it! I am going to try out some new recipes and some old classic ones! The house it going to be smelling of pumpkin and cinnamon! AAWW i love the holidays! Last night we went to HEB to do our grocery shopping...i got some pumpkin spice creamer! Did i mention i love the holidays! So as i type i'm sipping on some coffee!
I'll have the camera all charged ready for picture taking!

Our Sunday School Class- Pretty much the BEST!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boys will be Boys!

So Tom and Jared had some time to bond during the weekend! I forgot to mention that the men in family got in some gun practice. Tom bought a skeet shooter and the guys shot skeet for a good majority of Saturday afternoon! They had a great time! I learned something new about my brother...he's a good shot!


This post will be short because i will be uploading most of the time! Jared and I had a great visit to Missouri to see baby William and pretty much my whole side of the family. We have not all been together since we got married almost 2 years ago. It was good to see everyone and see the growth in our nieces and nephews! They grow up fast! Baby William is precious and it's so cute to see how Clara wants to hold him and play with him. For the first time, well besides wedding pictures...took a family picture! I can't wait to see the proofs from the photographer. The adults wore white shirts with jeans and the kids wore colored shirts with jeans. Tom got some hay bails and pumpkins. It was very fall festive and the leaves are all changing in MO! It's so scenic!!!! That kinda made the drive a little more bearable with all the pretty scenery!

Baby William already deep in thought! The pensive baby boy!
I just love this picture of Jake...just a little boy on an adventure!
Grandfather playing lion or something! Such a big kid in his retirement age!
Kids getting to be kids! I just love it!
Ok this one is one of my favorites!
Cousins! So cute! I never knew how hard it ways to get 3 kids together for a picture!
Cousin love!
Clara being such a good big sister!
Hannah getting some William time.
AWWW Baby William! He's going to break some hearts!
A little out of order but after the present were unwrapped
Dad already enjoying retirement...he told me he needed a hobby not like an hour before this was taken...Dad i think your hobby is going to be fishing and hunting..just a guess though!
OOHH..This goes in here?!?
Now that's a smile! One happy Dad! All the kids got him this for his retirement- Lowe's, Reubin's, and Trent's!
My grandparents gave him a membership to the Lakeview gun club! He opened this first and then got his new shot gun!
Trent Family! Clara given William some sugar!
Trent Family Again!
Mom and Dad
Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandfather

I grabbed my camera a little late...these were the remaining shots i could get. I'll post the link to the proofs once they come in!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

William David Trent- This one's for you!

The Trent Family
Clara seeing her little brother for the first time!
Now that's a football player!

Beautiful Trent Family

One very proud Big Sister!

Mommy and Baby Boy!

Grandma, Clara and Laura

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's A BOY!!

Well little William David finally decided to make an appearance at 8:25 pm. 8lbs 9 oz- 22 inches long! I don't know where he was because Laura was so small! Everyone is doing great! I've been on the phone trying to get the latest updates! Luckily I was on the phone with my mom when Tom came out to announce it's boy!!!! Here's the pic Tom took with his new phone. More to come!!

William David Trent
8lbs 9oz
22 inches

In Anticipation

Well "little Trent" you have kept me very anxious today. I have been bothering your mommy and daddy all day and your grandparents! The day has gone by rather quickly considering, but this past hour has been so slow! I think because the time is coming. You're a pretty lucky kid...just in case you didn't know that already! Your parents are pretty extraordinary individuals- both intelligent, funny, loving, beautiful people! You are already so loved!!

Clara- You have such an important role for the rest of your life! You will forever be admired and looked up to by your younger sibling. Just remember one day they may be bigger than you, so play nice, fair, and always willing to share your clothes and shoes- right Laura! You are going to be a great big sister and teach your little sibling so much about life! Can't wait to see you in just a couple days!

We are looking forward to our trip to come meet you in just a couple days!

Laura sent this to me this afternoon- 10/20/09 (1:00 pm)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Yea Friday

Well Yea...Today is Friday...2 days off from work! Gotta love it! Well tonight is an extra special night for Jared and I! it's Date night! These are few and far between with our busy schedules! So tonight we are going to go to see Couples Retreat and go out to dinner! The movie looks really funny and i am eager to dig my hands into some buttery popcorn! MMM! I don't know yet where we will be going to dinner, but i am sure it will be good too! I'm looking forward to it!

It's been raining here pretty much throughout the day and it's 50 degrees! Yea i think fall is approaching! Hopefully it won't be 90 any more! I'm ready for the fall! Sweaters...scarves! Love it! I really have gotten into this scarf wearing trend! I love me some Old Navy Scarves!!!

Hmm i think i know what i will wear tonight! Perfect season! I wonder if i will have time to run by Old Navy and take a peak at their new selections?!?! hmm tempting!! Hey i gotta look good...right?!!? hehe! Well short post...gotta go doctor a horse's eye! Joy as always!

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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