Monday, May 31, 2010

New Blog

Yes that's right...i have another blog. I didn't think i was busy enough with this i made another one...HA!! The other blog is going to be for all my pictures and shoots that i do! So this one will be family stuff and the other will be "work" related!! Feel free to check it out though! You can busy flipping between the two! The new blog is hope you like it!

This past weekend Jared and I went CAMPING at Lake Summerville! Let me tell was quite the experience! It was about 95 degrees during the day and about 80 at night...can we say HOT! Jared, Browning and I shared a queen size blow up mattress that just barely fit in the tent that Jared INSISTED on bringing...can we say tight quarters!!!! Everyone thought it was hilarous and CRAZY! I can't blame them..but i was the one that got to sleep in it! LUCK ME! but really we had a good time playing in the lake, boating and i even got to do a little skiing! THANKS WILLIS FAMILY!! We had a good time! I didn't take too many pics..go figure! But i did get a good one of Jared! Ok so it was Brandon's mom birthday!! THE BIG 50...i mean 25th...hehe! Well the kids all got together and blew up balloons and bought some granny panties....i've never seen panties so big!!! Well my wonderful husband found a good use for them...Hence the picture below! But I love him!!

Yes this would be his new dew rag

quite content with his new creation!

Browning is getting a little gray around the muzzle! He will be 5 next month!
Something tells me that calls for a PARTY!!! It's kinda like turning 50 right???

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Less than a month away!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brooke Ave Mentor Picnic

Well as school is about to wrap up for the year, Brook Ave had a mentor picnic today with hamburgers, chips, snow cones, cookies, All the supplies for a GREAT picnic! The only thing that would have made is the GREATEST picnic if it was like 75 degrees outside instead of 90! A titch on the hot side! We had a great time though! My student passed all of her TAKS test!! YEA! I've really enjoyed getting to know her this year! She is such a sweet person! Friday will be our last time to meet :( At the picnic we ate, played, and painted our handprints on the wall at her school! It was fun! Here are some pictures from the day!

see i told you there were snow cones!

All the colors

the wall

Ar'Niashia and my handprints!

I got bored at work so I took some pics of the horses...they were very interested in the camera!

They are full sisters

nosey nosey...
If you look close you can see my reflection in her eye...kinda like where's waldo...but where's Ann?!?! heheh
Very photogenic

Monday, May 24, 2010

Workshop pics and Softball

So here are some pictures from the photography workshop i went to this weekend! I learned a ton about my camera and hopefully it will show in the pictures I take!!! Jared played softball tonight with the church team and had a good time! They didn't win or should i say....time just ran out! They had fun so that's all the matters and I snapped pictures! Enjoy!

Oh yea...While in Kingwood i drove by the old house! I can't believe how it i will share some pictures off the point and shoot! I didn't want to look to stalkerish with the big guy! They have really transformed the yard and the backyard is getting quite the make over too! They ripped out the fence that used to keep Beau in the back yard and are in the process of making like flower type boxes like a stair step effect!

Workshop photo
Workshop photo

Workshop photo

Kingwood House- side of the house where my bedroom used to be

Street view

This rock work is all around the yard

The Team
The Pitcher...he's so cute!

Trey and Ashley

Waco Sunset

Friday, May 21, 2010


Brittney, Meghan, and Ashley

Meghan and GaryThe Aggie Bunch
Jared and Meghan
Meghan and Granny
Meghan with her other Grandparents
This is what we like to call the Aggie Shuffle!
She got it!

My baby bloom!
This is Baby #2 bloomed 2 days ago!


Yes i have been a bad blogger kinda has been preoccupying my time lately...I was hoping to post some exciting news, but that will have to be delayed for another post some day! So what's been going on in the Lowe household lately you ask....well....let's see Jared's sister, Meghan, graduated from A&M the other week! My parents made the trek from AR to see it and spend some time with Jared and myself! I must brag on them for just a sec! They are on a special diet and doing GREAT! I'm really proud of you guys!! The next time I see you, I probably won't even recognize the 2 of you!!! So after the graduation weekend, we have been just kinda busy. Nothing really in particular, it just seem the hours pass by and a new day is upon us! I have some pic to post, but since i am at work i don't have the camera here to download! YES that is on my to do list! Not too important...but our magnolia tree that we planted oh like a year ago...has had not just 1 but 2 blooms!( I have pictures of said bloom) We are pretty excited about this little miracle! See the tree made the trek from Kingwood to Waco in the back of Jared's truck! Word to the wise...don't transport trees cross country!!!! BUT it is doing good and growing tall!!! I'm hoping for a few more blooms this summer! Also, other happenings in the back yard..yesterday i planted some potato vine! It's kinda a lime green leaf see below
So that is now planted in the flower bed in the back yard! It looks nice and fills in some of the holes we had from the other flowers dying...yes i lost a few...tear! Let's see what else in new with the Lowe's....Jared is playing softball with the church and his work! Monday and Thursday you can find Jared out in the field or up to bat! I'll post some pictures from that later too!

This weekend Jared and I will travel back to Houston! Always on the go! Sunday i'm taking a photography workshop from the Lindsay, she did our wedding! I'm really excited to learn more about my camera and taking good pics!

Photo Shoot update....well i have 1 scheduled for May 29 on Baylor's campus! yea for a new spot! Craigslist has been pretty good to me, but i'm thinking about making a photography blog! Jared thinks i need business cards too! He's my marketing director! Still trying to come of up a good name?!?! Any thoughts?!?!

Ok well there is a short little update...Pics to follow shortly! Enjoy the weekend...IT IS FINALLY HERE!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grandkids Shoot

Here are a few from this morning's shoot with the Hurtado's Grandchildren- Aiden- 14 months, Ethan 3 years, David 5 years. Enjoy

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Roof, Wedding, Zoo

Yes the three amigos! Quite the combination i know! Well that's been my life the past week or so! Enjoy the pics

Grandparents enjoying the day with the grandkids!
Hannah on the balance beam!

Fish groom's cake!
table center pieces

bride and groom
little ring bearer...he has a twin too! It was the cutest thing...instead of a pillow to carry the rings they had a little fishing rod with the ring tied on the the fishing line! The groom is an avid fisherman.

You could surf at Galveston...and there wasn't a hurricane!
Jared and his dad at the Galveston wedding
JJared and his Granny

Getting the new roof!

Yea new roof!

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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