Monday, December 7, 2009

It's been Awhile

Thanksgiving at the Lowe's House

Jared and I
I know i are probably wondering what in the world the Lowe's have been up to!!! It's been...well to put it honestly BUSY! Monday will roll around at by the time i have a chance to notice it's already Friday or Sunday even some weeks! I have many pictures in my camera that i need to's sad! I don't have it with my today..but Jared just sent me some pictures from this past weekend. It was rather exciting for him to say the least!

I can't believe Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is just around the corner. Surprisingly I have almost finished my shopping. I have a few more little goodies to get! This weekend we have our Sunday school's Christmas party and I have class--yes on Saturday..isn't that lovely! I am going to make a pecan pie for the party. It was requested by Jared. He likes to compliment me on my desserts!!

Well last weekend Jared went down to South Texas to go hunting with my dad. He was told he could shoot a buck and a doe! So Jared was excited and ready to head south! He left early from work on Friday to get a jump start on the highway since they said it was going to snow! YES snow..crazy! Although we did get the snow flurries it lasted all of about 20 minutes. Houston of all places got more snow than what we did. So Saturday morning he was up early 5:00 am..which was actually getting to sleep in for that's crazy! He didn't shoot anything but had a great time seeing many deer and other wildlife! Saturday afternoon--back to the stand. Rifle in hand he was ready for the big one to come up to the feeder!! Well he got lucky! A 9 point buck came up for a little snack! Nothing like some corn! Jared accuracy was right on. He hit the buck right above the shoulder. he was dead in his tracks! Good shot honey! Jared called my dad for some help..the guy weighed over 176 pounds! So they brought him back to camp to get him cleaned up.

Jared's dad made the trip down Saturday evening, so he go to see his buck too. Sunday morning my dad, Jared's dad and Jared all went out to see what they could find. No shots but everyone saw a lot of deer- including a big buck- too young to shoot- but i do believe some drool escaped some mouths!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Jared's love for the day! I bet he was pretty proud to be driving on Highway 35 with some antlers peeking out of the bed- oh come on you know you have seen them on the highway!

Although not really smiling- i think he's jumping for joy on the inside!

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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