Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well the new furniture has arrived! The delivery guys came today around 11:30 and delivered the couch and 2 chairs...I'm still waiting on the pillows to arrive. Hopefully they will come soon! I had to rearrange our original thought of where everything was going to be placed. We wanted the couch to go where the old couch was and the 2 chairs where the love seat was placed....but with that arrangement we would be without 1 end table and lamp--and we can't have that!! So i put the couch on the wall with the windows and the 2 chairs where the couch used to be! Jared gave me the approval so it will stay! It's funny...Browning has taken up residence on the rug! I haven't even told had to tell him NO about getting on the furniture! He's so smart! The new gate is working well too!

The couch came with a few scratches from the guys hitting the door on the way in so...they ordered us a new couch and it will be here in a couple weeks but until then this one will work! Enjoy the pics!

The living room without furniture! Lots of space! Browning liked to play ball and go sliding across the floor! I'm glad that only last 1 night!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Slow Monday

Only 41/2 hours till the Monday work day is over! Time is moving rather slow today! The weekend however always moves too fast! I kept pretty busy this weekend at home while Jared was at HAZMAT training at Sanderson Farms! I'm a proud wife of the top scorer of his class! So while Jared was at training from 6-6 both Saturday and Sunday...I spent the day running, cleaning house, playing with the dog, washing both cars (yes I am the best wife and washed Jared's truck), laundry, vacuum, dust, creat a fabulous doggy gate, and even had time to grocery shop, go to church, pull weeds and plant new flowers! I made the best of the weekend and tried to stay busy!

The new furniture comes tomorrow morning! YEAH! so that means tonight we have to move the old couches to the garge to make room for the new! I really didn't want Browning on the couch or chairs...so we tried to get a baby gate for him to put between the living room and kitchen, but our space was too wide for the gates! SOO I improvised a bit! i got a little creative at Home Depot and got some latice to put across the opening! It works perfectly! Browning can still see into the living room and has access to his doggy door and i put his pillow in the bay window area so he's got some padding for his naps! I tested out my little creation when I went to church and the grocery store and he did great! He didn't seem upset at all! The extra piece that we had to cut off works perfectly in our bedroom door! And the greatest part about all of this......it was cheaper than the baby gate and i have 2 gates! YES!!! So our new furniture will be doggy proof!

Sunday night we went to an ice cream party for one of our sunday school teacher's who is moving to Belton. We are sad to see her go, but had a great time of eating and fellowship last night. Some of the couples brought homemade icecream and all the toppings you can think of!MMMM!! Jared was able to come and he enjoyed it as well! Now it's back to a 5 day work week with a river trip this weekend! Should be a fun way to celebrate Jared's 26th birthday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Small Group @ Zoo

Well tonight for small group instead of meeting at each other house...we are going to the Cameron Park zoo here in Waco with our church! Should be fun! Jared and I have been once before with Hannah and Jake and had a great time! I'll post pics tomorrow! Surpringsly we have a great zoo for a smaller town! I'm ready for some hot dogs and crazy creatures! I like the giraffes the best! Yes i'm a kid at heart and I did major in animal science so it is fitting! Hehe

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pictures from Arkansas

Shutterfly View share

Pictures from Arkansas- Shutterfly album

For your Sitting comfort!

I forgot to add--- we are getting more new furniture! YEAH! We are getting this leather sofa and 2 of the chairs...no ottoman! Should be here in about 3 weeks!

I'm back...

Well it seems like forever since the last post! I know i've been busy recooping from vacation..work..life it's very consuming sometimes! Well let me just say...we had a GREAT vacation in Arkansas! I did however manage to create a shutterfly album of the entire week! Should ship this week! Yea! I think that is going to be my way of "scrapbooking"! I just don't have it in me to sit for hours...days...weeks on end buying papers, stickers, trinkets, plus develop pictures to put in an album! I must say though I do appreciate the time that goes into those books but it's not for me! It's all you Laura! I do enjoy looking at them though! But I found a way to make the shutterfly books a little scrapbook like...I put some of the scrapbooking stickers and cute little figurines in the book! Get this...i just did that to our honeymoon album--yea like 1.5 years later--like i told Jared better late than never! We cleaned out the office closet and i found where i had bought some of those..or maybe my mom did and i put them in our album! But once the vacation one comes in i'll try to get those stickers put in on little more timely bases!

Well Arkansas was great! like i said before! It's so relaxing to spend a week with family in Arkansas with no real schedule and go fishing, boating, skiing, jet skiing, eat, eat, eat did i mention we ate a lot! It's not like a cruise where there's a lot of quantity not quality...but at Grandma's house there is is quanitity and QUALITY! Everyday she was cooking up something yummy! My pants got a little tighter each day of vacation...but we won't really dwell on that! We also go to see Tom and Laura's new house in Republic, MO. WE had fun getting to roam around on 10 acres, swim, and drive the jeep! I never really understood Jared's obsession with jeeps, but boy get the top off, the doors off, and just cruise---it's quite an experience! I dedicated a whole page in the album to the JEEP! yes jared was thrilled! Jared's grandma joined us on the trip too! I think she had a good time spending time with the Reubin gang and seeing the country side of Arkansas! Oh and jet skiing for the first time! If you don't believe me you should go by All Seasons Storage in Sugar Land and see the 8X10 picture! Yes we have proof!

Well since Arkansas, we have been busy at Work. Jared went to Seattly the other day to see a client! He saw the famous fish market and drove around a bit! He like it though...a little to nuts and berry's for his liking! This weekend we joined a several couples in a multi family garage sale! We got rid of a few things that were taking up valuable closet space and the rest of the weekend was spent napping, cleaning house, and yard work! I am really impressed with how fast our grass can grow! Our new sod is looking fabulous and the backyard is amazingly green! we are supposed to get rain this week....i have one comment for that BRING IT ON! we need it so bad! Other than that we're pretty much just the ususal! We leave in 2 weeks to go on our river float trip! It should be fun we have 7 couples from either church, Jared's work, and college friends going! We rented a house that will accomodate us all and should have a really good time! Even if the house does have green shag carpet that you have to rake! hehe!

I'll try to keep my post a little more frequent!

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
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