Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well as most of you know Jared and I spent last weekend down in south Texas. I was trying to shoot my first buck and Jared was just trying to get anything with four legs! Well i'll just get to the bad news so I can tell about our weekend...I saw the buck that my dad had spotted for me to get...Ann's Buck! Already labeled and even a space on the wall marked and ready to hang...well my trophy is still frolicking in south Texas with all his lady friends! Maybe next season i'll get my buck! Jared didn't get anything either! So we are going to raid my dad's stash at some point..shhh don't tell he already said we could have some of his..since he already got 3 this year!!! I also found out that when it comes to shooting a buck...I got a little excited! seeing all the antlers in the makes you a little jittery! Well besides the missed shot...don don don....we still had a great time! We were treated to the master suite in the cabin! Let me tell really rough it down in south Texas!! The new digs are quite the comfort after an early morning and night hunt! We ate good thanks to my mom's cooking and we were quite entertained with 2 labs, 2 yes 2 german short haired pointers, and a cocker spaniel! Browning found him a little girl friend while he was down there! She is about a year old, and very pretty! She is a true hunting dog where Browning will just retrieve his stuffed turkey for us. She is about half of Browning's size but FULL of energy! They had a good time playing chase with each other and snuggling! Don't worry it was G rated...she's only 1!! Besides the dogs keeping us entertain we find it very relaxing down at the ranch. Jared and I both finished our books and enjoyed toasty fires in the fireplace each night. Browning slept pretty much all the way back home to Waco. He was pretty tired! Now we are back to our normal schedules! Hope you enjoy the pictures and the scenery of south Texas!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Killer (s) on the Loose

Well from the title i'm sure you all are a bit curious....well Jared and I are going to South Texas tomorrow after work to hopefully get us a buck! For those of you who didn't know...yes i take part in hunting as well. Not as avid of a hunter as Jared but still enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn...well actually 2 hours before the crack to get situated in the blind...and wait for our little i mean BIG four legged friends to get hungry! I haven't been down there in a couple i'm excited to see the new ranch house and spend some time with my parents and Jared of course. Browning will be joining us too! He loves it down there...except when rattle snakes try to get him...bad experience! Jared is all excited about going down there! he's been talking about forever it seems. He's already decided how he wants the meat and what flavors to make it! Anything besides chicken he gets really excited about!
Well Jared and I have found a new sushi place in Waco! last night we had our small group at this sushi restaurant- Terriaki Park! MMMM!! So for all those Sushi enthusiast in our family- we've know the spot now!! Jared and I shared a New York Roll and a Spicy California roll- DELICIOUS! Since moving from Stillwater we miss going to Kyoto's! But this place is pretty darn close! oh and i some Miso soup! YUMMY!!! Well back to work!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 2008

A little out of order but here are some pictures from Christmas at the Lowe's house in Sugar Land and Tomball! We had a great time being around family and getting to relax for a couple days. Jared had a busy Christmas having to work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. So he spent a lot of the weekend in the car going from Sugar Land to Waco and back. For Christmas Jared got me the book Marley and me...i think Browning was enjoying the book too! He seems to think that Marley has nothing on him! I also got a new digital camera from Jared's parents! I have thoroughly been enjoying taking pictures of the last couple weeks! and they aren't blurry anymore!!!
Some of the other pictures are of the projects that Jared has been working on. I can finally post them since we have given them to my brother and nephew! Jared made my brother an ice chest and my nephew a toy box! He did such a good job on both of them! He is enjoying having a garage and getting to tinker! We have got some ideas from our friends of more projects he can complete!! So exciting!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

So by the title...Jared and I just celebrated our first anniversary! I think we are both still a little in shock how fast our first year went! We've had a lot of fun and good memories in 2008! We kicked off 2009 with a trip to San Antonio. My brother gaves us 2 nights on the riverwalk at the Hampton Inn. Thanks Brent! It was nice..just a short walk from our hotel was the infamous Alamo, shops, restaurants, and riverwalk! All the fun sights of San Antonio! Saturday night we went to the best Mexican food restaurant, Mi Tierras. It was delicious! Sunday we saw Marley and Me...both of us cried! but it was good! We also found out that the first weekend in January, they drained the we missed getting to go on a boat ride. I think in the future we will pick a different destination for our anniversary! So for all of you out there....don't go to San Antonio the first weekend of January...the river will be empty! Even with this little set back we both had a great time! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Oh the first couple of pictures are taken in Gruene, TX. Haven't heard of it...yeah me neither until Saturday afternoon. It is a cute little town on the way to San Antonio. It has a lot of charm...antique stores...and it's where a lot of people float the Guadalupe river. We had lunch there at this neat restaurant.

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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