Friday, June 25, 2010

Vaction post 2

I got a little tired waiting for the pictures to i'm waiting on dinner to finish blog i go again! Here are some more pictures from our vacay to Mexico! We were surprised with how many Europeans we met on our trip! They were all so nice and just enjoying themselves as much as we were! We came home learning a little more Spanish and wishing we were fluent in at least another language! but our American system has failed us in that aspect and with the meter system as well! Why are we the only country to do things in pounds and inches?!?! Oh the American way is sometimes silly! hehe! Ok here come the pics!

these little guys were running around all over the place...forget what they are thought

Caribbean night

the little mermaid towel!

PlAyA dEl CaRmEn

Well we are back from our vacation! A little tanner and missing the view of the beach, but glad to be back and i think Browning can vouch for that too! The resort was great! We felt like we were in the amazon almost! We saw monkeys, peacocks, lizards, and many more animals! The way the resort was set up you felt like you were in a canopy overlooking the wild life and greenery! The only rooms that had ac were the specialty restaurants and your personal room. The main eating areas, lobby, entertaining rooms were all open aired with thatched roofs. It was really neat the way they constructed the resort. It took a little to get used to the heat but once we did it was really nice! The pool was HUGE but a little warm! It had a swim up bar which was so cool! Literally, the water in it was so much cooler than any where else...well except the ocean! It was fun to sit in the bar stools in the water and sip on margaritas, Bahama mamas, and on occasional daiquiri! The beach was amazing! The sand was white, the beach was a beautiful turquoise and we were so happy to be on vacation!!

Day 1



On the way to Iberostar Questzal...these lined the highway!


Vacation sunset!

Beach area...those little cabanas were great napping places!

Day 3 dinner- Hibachi style

Day 2 Dinner- Caribbean style
Trying to get a pic of both of us in the room

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3 days

Well i'm jumping ahead a bit and going to say 3 more days! It's late and by the time most people will read this it will be true! I can't wait! I'm pretty much mentally packed...just have to actually put it all together in the suitcase! Jared is already packed! HA! you think he needs a vacation?!?! He's been working nights this week so it's just been me and the poop! Right now he is sound asleep! He had quite the play date today with our friends 7 month old lab! A 7 month old that is already over 75 pounds! He's going to be a big boy! But they played so WELL! They ran around in the back yard, shared a few licks, fought over toys...or rather tug a war! The brown bear is hmm how should i put this EXHAUSTED!!! He really hasn't moved since our friends left! Poor guy! It's hard hanging with those young'uns! hehe!

Some of you have been asking about our vacation just click there and that is where we will be in 3 days!!! YEAH! Well i won't be blogging on our vacation...shock i know...but trust me i will have plenty to share once we get back!!

My Baby is growing up!

Found this one today! I can't believe how big/old he is now! He will be 5 next month! I'm thinking a big Birthday Party for a our little guy!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My New Lens!!!

Well the 50 mm is all MINE! YEAH! I couldn't wait to take some pictures once i got off work. Well since we don't have kids i used the next best thing...BROWNING! Pretty much just like a child...doesn't listen, cooperate, and runs away!! But still managed to snap a few cuties!

Lil Lowe
ok so the grass is in focus and my feet our blurry
B's face is in focus and his body starts to go blurry

Grass is in focus and part of his body, head is blurry

And he's off!

These 2 were taken with the 18-55mm so you can see the difference a lens can make!

Monday, June 14, 2010

NiFtY fIfTy

YEA for new glass as they say!! I'm so excited to be adding the 50 mm to my collection! It will be in my hands tomorrow! HOORAY! Just in time for MEXICO! My Friend that has been helping me is selling me his lens so he can up-grade! This lens increases your bokeh...blurriness in pictures...I know you are thinking why would you want a picture to be blurry?!? Well what it does is it focus on the subject and the remaining background gets this really cool blurred effect!
See in the picture the vase is in focus but the flower in the background is blurred! I didn't take this picture just found it on google images! So be looking for some nifty fifty prints! I can't wait!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Weekend

The most coveted days of the week...SATURDAY and SUNDAY!!! So what have the Lowe's been up to so far this weekend...WORKING! YUP! Jared worked all day doing training stuff and I took a horse to the vet! Luckily mine was finished a lot sooner than I expected! YEAH! So the rest of the afternoon I spent napping on the couch and cleaning the house! Nothing like having a clean house for when the hubby came home! It was more of a spring the summer!

Well i'm happy to announce that my passport made it in the other day! YEAH! Now the vacation is more in sight! Actually only 7 days away...just 7!!! Oh how i know this next week is going to creep by and the vacation is going to FLY by! Why is that exactly!!?? Jared and I couldn't be more excited to be going to Mexico! 5 days on a beach and the resort grounds...HEAVEN! Don't worry I will take TONS of pictures!!! I want to make an album of our vacation! So i will be that person in the airport snapping pictures and YES jared will love it and be smiling in every single one of them! HEHE!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

12 days and COUNTING!

News?!?! No news to really speak of! Work has been keeping both Jared and I busy during the week and even on the weekends for Jared. He will have to work again this Saturday for training..BOO! But in 12 days we will be on the beach soaking up suns and having little drinks with umbrellas and fruit hanging from the side of the glass! We can't WAIT! I received an email today saying that my passport would be here on the 14th! WHEW! I know cutting it close! I meant to do it after we got married and NEVER would have believed that year would have gone by so FAST! and then the second...and half of the third!!! WOW has time flown by!

Well i guess i have some news...i planted some potato vine a couple weeks ago i guess it has been now...well it is really taking off! I must tell you....if you have no skills what so ever in the planting...gardening department...(that would be ME) this is the easiest stuff to grow!! You do NOTHING!!! You live in a hot place, hasn't rained in awhile, might forget to water after a few days...YUP it will grow! The garden out back looks really nice with it! OHOH and the magnolia tree keeps blooming! I think there has been like 5 blooms and there are a couple more on the verge! Well i never seemed to post pictures and both Jared and I...Finally have one thanks to Trista sending me this one below! This was taken at her going away dinner at George's! MMM George's! If you think Jared looks a little different...he does... work made him shave for HAZMAT training! HEHE! I like to think i'm a "Cougar"!! HAHA!! Robbing the cradle! Jared has such a cutie baby face!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Reading

AWW yes summer's without taking classes and being a college student well i know this has been a couple a summers but i've really enjoyed catching up on my reading! Nothing like a good book poolside with some nice shades catching a little sun! Well i'm at the good book part...hopefully the rest will fall into place at some point! HA! i just finished The Last Song by Nicholas Spark...aww so good! Nicholas really knows how to write a good one! Don't know if i want to see the movie or not...they are always a disappointment! But you always have the book to fall back on!

And for you sports fans...i read The Blind Side! Although i was not too familiar with foot plays and position...still a great book! i think Jared enjoyed explaining the plays and telling me that he used to use that in high school football! oh the memories!!
Now i am reading....Dear John...yet another Nicholas Sparks...see a pattern?!?
Another movie to see...or NOT?!?! This one is already available on DVD...Yes i'm a little behind!
I also want to read some of the new Jodi Piccoult books!

I would like to broaden my fav authors so if you have a favorite...pass it along!

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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