Saturday, March 20, 2010

Will and Ashleigh's Wedding

Well this afternoon I attended our friends, Will and Ashleigh's wedding! It was a lot of fun! We know them through our church and they were in our small group. Ashleigh is a high school teacher at Midway and Will is finishing up school. They are a fun couple to be around! The wedding was lovely and our table at the reception was filled with couples from church! Jared didn't end up making it back in time...his flight from DFW to Waco was canceled twice! Too bad he didn't have the corporate plane take him to Idaho...Too bad i don't know any corporate pilots..hehe!! I told him I took lots of pictures so it would make him feel like he was there! Hope you enjoy! OOO I forgot to mention in the last post that i will be photographing a newborn! Well she hasn't been born yet but any day now!!! I can't wait! Enjoy the pics from the wedding! Well it was a bit longer than i anticipated..I just got caught up waiting for Jared to get home! (didn't you fell like you were there hehe!)

Holly's favorite picture of the day! WEDDING CAKE mmmm!!!

I loved the flowers cascading down the cake! So elegant!

Cuttin the cake

The band at the reception...i think i heard they play in the orchestra at the church!
Goodies!First dance

Holly and Chris
Entrance at reception

Our table...the mirror kinda reflected on our faces!

the other half of the table!
Father Daughter Dance!
A little cake exchange!Happy Couple!

This was one of my favs!

Garder toss

She caught the bouquet

about to throw!


I liked the sparklers!!

This one just cracks me up...these boys are Ashleigh's students...can you tell it was a little windy!

Congrats Will and Ashleigh!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann Marie,
You took alot of pics. They look good. What i really like is the color of your jacket. You just 'pop'. And you are sooo happy. The goodies i could almost taste. Did the bride wear a veil?

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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