Thursday, March 18, 2010

Staying Busy

Well my computer is not wanting to me to download pictures today...booo! Well Jared is in Idaho till Saturday! He should have fun...i wonder how many potatoes he will eat!?! Well here are some of the picture that i took of the house in Flippin that is pretty much the same floor plan my parents want to build. Enjoy! Bear with me on these canon battery died...sad! But good new's all recharged!

These come with the of charge!

the wood work on the front deck

cool arch on the front entrance

downstairs bedroom...i think this is the one for the grand kids!

Living room down stairs

Down in the basement living the concrete floors
Basement hallway

basement living room
Cool floors!1 of 4 bedrooms in the basement
This is the hallway from the entrance that leads to the kitchen, mud room, laundry room, garage, 1/2 bath, the other way leads to the master bedroom
The sun room, my parents aren't going to do this room, but it was sure pretty!

This is the kitchen...still a work in progress!
Part of kitchen and sun room

living room looking into kitchen and that neat kitchen window!

Entrance, formal dining room, i was standing in the living room
Rock fireplace!
The awesome window in the living room
Formal dining

Pretty window in formal dining

They shifted the garage a little bit from the plan, but my parents will make the garage right next to the house...not angled off the house
Front of the house


The Greats said...

You did good Annie, even though I know how much you wanted to be using your new camera.
Jared should have a good trip and you can catch up on your reading instead of cooking dinner for two!!
Beau is napping on the couch in the computer room, Leon is fishing on the river (no generators)& your parents on working on "house stuff".
Brent just flew over & called on the satellite phone. Fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann Marie,
Thank you for all of the pictures. It certainly helps in remembering everything. Your dad and i have been picking out lights,cabinets, vanities today. And getting estimates. So we will see what happens. We look at an old house (14 yrs.) in Edge Wood Bay yesterday. Just in case the estimate is too high.

Melissa said...

Wow...that does look exactly like the house that your Dad showed us on the internet. That must of been nice to actually see it in person! Thanks for sharing!

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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