Monday, March 1, 2010

Adventure to the Creative side

Well I had just finished my post...when the computer shut off! Wonderful timing! So i will try to rewrite what i already said once! So tonight, since the weather is so gloomy, rainy, and COLD...i had to take my creative side inside! Jared officially thinks I am nuts...but then again he did marry me!! So tonight i have spent the night trying to rearrange things in the house and try to make Browning less afraid of the new camera! Did i hit the creative mark?!?
Browning's dog tags
My "thug" of a husband...what what!
It's a bat! Not it's just Browning's ears!
AWW he's such a cutie!
AWW..i think he's mad at me!
A little twist to the marriage spurs!

Gig'em Aggies
Just a little Bling!
Gotta love ATM!

aahh the end to a perfect evening...little picture taking..little wine...little reading! PERFECT!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann Marie,
Your creative side is fantastic!!
We are glad you are enjoying the new camera so much. We love the new pcitures.

The Mitchell's said...

How fun! Looks like you are having a blast. Tim always thinks I am crazy when I go nuts with the camera. If you ever want a cute baby to take pictures of I might be able to hook you up ;)

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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