Sunday, March 7, 2010

River Walking

Yesterday afternoon Jared, Browning and myself went to downtown Waco by the river! It was a nice peaceful day...a little sun and blue in the sky. A great afternoon to catch some pictures! Browning enjoyed himself immensely. There were all kinds of new smells and DUCKS to keep him occupied! I got some good shots...well at least i think so! Jared got in on the action as well! He really enjoyed using the zoom lens to get some pictures of the ducks in the river! Browning really just wanted to go swim with them...what a challenge to keep him out of the river! Hope you enjoy the pics from our afternoon!

This is an old railroad bridge downtown
Browning on the suspension bridge

A man and his dog..BFF

I so wish i had the zoom lens for this one...Browning was pointing at the pigeons flying over the bridge.
AWW.. the best pictures occur when they don't even know you are taking them!
Did I mention i like the bridges downtown?!?
A dog on a mission...see the ducks in the distant!?
The ducks had landed right in front of Browning
Ducky up close!


Lori Lowe said...

Hey Ann,
Great pictures!!!! Dad loves the duck pictures... YOu are really dong great.
Mom Lowe

The Greats said...

Leon and I have been looking at the pictures again and almost become hypnotized looking at the different patterns and colors in the water.
The ducks are just beautiful.
You will have to get some pics of the Cotter bridge when you are here.

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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