Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well this needed a whole new post because it is so exciting! Jared and I have been looking at some new furniture for the house. In particular a new kitchen table!! Well we found one we just loved!! Many weekends you can find us browsing through Ashley Furniture! Well maybe it's the free hot cookies and bottle water they have in the back!! Yes if you go to Ashley head towards the back..they have free cookies and bottled water! Even if you don't need any furniture...the cookies make it all worth it...Well it just so happened that the cookies kinda lost interest when we found our kitchen table! I know I know how exciting can a kitchen table's just a piece of wood that you eat at...well this one is just gorgeous and is going to look so good in our house!

And wouldn't you know..they made a matching buffet to go with it! OMG!! This piece is not only amazing, pretty, big, country, but.....I'm head over heals in love with it too!! GOODNESS...when i make up my mind...WATCH OUT!! So after several months of drooling...yes there was drool....we made the plunge aaaannnndddd.....??????

BOUGHT BOTH!!!! We got a great deal or so we think....and they are going to be here delivered and set just about 2 weeks! I'm so excited!! So does anyone need a china cabinet or table?? I can't wait to post pics of the new ones in the house!! I've already started working out the arrangement of the dishes, platters, crystal in my head! So excited!

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The Greats said...

Hi Annie,
The minute the table, chairs, & buffet popped up on the screen we knew exactly where it was going to live. It is just beautiful. Can't blame you for being so excited. Beats cookies and water all to pieces.
Congratulations and we know you and Jared are so proud to have these beautiful pieces in your home. Can hardly wait to see your things arranged in the buffet.
By the way, the chair "deal" was a deal!!!

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