Thursday, March 19, 2009

Busy week new things!!!

Well this week sure has been busy!!! Monday night we went to watch the Baylor Bears Baseball team play Texas A&M. It was a good game! WE had a lot of fun with several couples from our Sunday school class. Well the game went into extra innings...yes it was exciting! I rooted for Baylor....I know I know....and Jared rooted for the Aggies! Do remember that Baylor gives the paycheck and it makes it fun to mess with Jared that way! I don't think he really minds!!

This past weekend Jared and I went to the shopping for a few items....but were surprised when we came across a certain piece in Kirklands. We've been looking for a chair for our bedroom. Nothing big or major just a little piece to put in the corner...a reading a corner. Something quaint and cute! Well guess what!!! We found just that!!! and the best was on CLEARANCE!!! YES CLEARANCE!! You all know how I like bargains!! So for barely anything we got a great chair that matches our bedding and room perfectly. Yea we're pretty pumped!!

Oh and if you look close at the pic of Browning...he is holding onto his Valentine Bear on the coach with his was just dangling and he was holding onto it!! It was soo cute!!!

Oh and by the way...Baylor won 8 to 7...yes Jared was sad!

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