Monday, March 30, 2009

Long Delay...



Well it's been awhile since my last blog post. Jared and I have been busy traveling to Houston, working, and just living life. Here are some pictures of us at the rodeo this year! We saw Brooks and Dunn! They put on a really good concert! We thoroughly enjoyed it! The only thing i missed out on this year was....getting one of those rodeo cinnamon rolls...oh well saved myself like a billion calories and fat grams! But Jared and I did split a rodeo nacho! MMMMMMMMMM!! It was good! We had fun seeing our parents and being in Houston.

Also, here are some pictures of Browning when he went to work with me. Yes i brought my child to work! He played pretty much all day at the barn running between the barn and the pastures. He spent some time in the arena jumping the jumps and jumping on the hay bails! Yes he pretty much is a barn dog...and loves every minute of it!!

Well we moved into the house in October and planted some flowers...LOOK how they've grown!! I didn't kill them! it's pretty much amazing!!

Enjoy the pictures!! New furniture should be in this week!!!!!!! YEAH we're excited!


Laura said...

Thanks for the if I could only get around to doing one myself. Flowers look great! Love ya!

The Greats said...

Thanks for the latest & greatest! We have been missing you,Laura & Melissa. I love the pics of Browning on the hay bales. He would love living on a ranch. You have a green thumb to have such showy spring flowers.
Love, G&G

The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
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