Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Empty Nesters

Well Jared and I just finished having dinner...just the two of us and Browning of course. It's pretty quiet around here without my sister, my niece, and my mom! So far we have not found anything that they left! Good job guys! We had a good quick visit! Clara got to experience seeing her first horse up close..feeding a horse...and RIDING a horse..Yes I said riding!! I think she has been watching a little too much of the Olympics! But I'm happy to encourage a future equestrian in the making! Clara is aboard Frenchie! Probably the best (aka oldest) horse on the property! Which worked out great for Clara! She was curious and happy feeding the horses and the horses were pretty happy to receive all the yummy carrots from Clara! Her outfit was so appropriate for the occasion too. If you can't see Clara is wearing a I heart Horse shirt and horse socks!

We also went to lunch on Monday and the local favorite, George's. Clara, mom and Laura experienced fried pickles for the first time? And they say they are from the south...i think not! Much to their surprise they all like them...especially Clara!

So after a fun weekend...Jared and I are back to work! Tomorrow we have an all athletic staff meeting in the morning! I'm going to be introduced in front of the entire staff...fun...so after work today I went to get a hair cut...i can't believe how fast my hair grows when it is short! Nothing crazy just a couple inches taken off! But no worries..if you were worrying...i can still pull it back in a ponytail! A must in my book! Well as much as I would love to keep typing...i'm going to go get my pj's on and pop in the dvd I rented from McDonalds! so Goodnight! Hope you enjoy the pictures! We had a good time showing them around Waco!

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The Greats said...

Hi Empty Nesters,
Clara looks lost sitting on Frenchie and Mama appears to be stretching to keep her up there. You are doing a good job of keeping the little ones exposed to the world of horses!! Come join us for the evening---just made a pecan and pumpkin pie and will bake a couple of salmon filets later with a salad and baked potato to round out the meal. The G's are going down to the river in a minute and fish and read!!!
Have a good weekend.

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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