Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MMMM Sonic happy hour!

So today has been so far a pretty good day! I've had a relaxing day at work and when I dropped off the mail at the stadium I stopped in at my local Sonic! See from 2-4 is happy hour!! 1/2 price drinks!!! Well I encourage you all to try a strawberry dr. pepper! Now when i first heard that i was a little hesitant to try such a combination of a drink! But fear not i tried a sip of Jared's! I'm hooked!! It's really quite delicious! So the next time you are out from 2-4 stop by your local Sonic for a strawberry Dr. Pepper!

I should so be a sales person!!
Anyways! last night Jared and I worked out!! We're getting so buff!! I rode the bike for 15 miles and averaged 18.8 mph! I have to say my butt was a little sore when i got up off the seat! But what a good workout! I can see now why Melissa enjoys riding her bike so much! The best part about riding the bike is you can read your book and not have to worry about falling off it!! (bad expirence with the treadmill)! we won't talk about that!!
Well Jared and I are still on the hunt for the "perfect house"!! here are some pictures of some that we are going to look at hopefully this week!!! hope ya'll like them!!

1 comment:

The Greats said...

Hi "Annie",
I thought Baylor University was your employer! Do they not mind you moonlighting for Sonic and Dr. Pepper??
We will try your recommendation the next time we have a Sonic Burger.

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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