Friday, July 18, 2008

Long Friday!

Well this morning went by pretty fast...but this afternoon is just DRAGGING!! I spent the morning watering the arena..alothough it doesn't sound that kinda is...For about an hour and a half I'm operating a tractor and watering the arena with a 500 gallon waterer dragging behind me. Our arena is so big it takes about 2000 gallons to keep it moist! So that's what I did this morning.
This evening Melissa and Hannah were supposed to come down and go to the circus but our plans changed. We are now going to head to Houston this evening because Jared's grandfather had a heart attack this morning. Hopefully everything will be ok. He's having dye put into his atterties to see where and if there are blockages. So we'll be traveling tonight after work.

Jared and I are still on the prowl to find a house around Waco. We found out some discouraging news this week about our lease. There is pretty much no way we can get out of it until Oct. 31st. So we are hoping that the are few favorites will still be on the market in Sept/ Oct.

Well as you can imagine I'm pretty bored at work! Everyone has left to run errands and I don't have that much going on right now to do...bored....I keep checking my email to see if any new ones have popped up since that last time i checked...but I don't have mail! Hopefully the next couple of hours will go faster than the last!

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The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
I'm holding it together pretty well here!


On our honeymoon in Cozumel


My dad and my niece at the wedding!

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