Friday, July 11, 2008


So I've been getting some slack about not updating my blog! I'm a busy person people!! No i'm just kidding! Well yeah it's Friday...and I'm blogging at work! It's a great life! Well today so far i've gotten a new cell phone for work and ordered business cards! I think I have ARRIVED!! I'm kinda a big deal at Baylor University....if you didn't already know that! J/k again! Well this week has been a busy one! Between unpacking...working..working dinner...and sleeping..I've not much time to keep up with this blog! But i'm trying. This weekend Meghan, Jared's little sister will be spending the weekend with us. It should be a fun weekend. I think tonight we are going to treat her and ourselves to a dinner out at one of our favorite little Italian restuarants we have stumbled upon in Waco. Then maybe we will rent a movie...turns out when you buy a drink at McDonalds you also get a free movie rental! SHOCKING I Know!!!

Also exciting new this week....WEDDING ALBUM PROOFS!! They turned out really good! I can't wait to get that book and show all our family and friends are wonderful day! I can't believe that six months has flown by this fast! Before I know it a year will have past! CRAZY!

Jared and I are still on the prowl for a house! We've been looking a lot lately and have several on our list to view at sometime! We have really fallen in love with this one neigborhood in Hewitt! It's called Indian Creek Estates! Fancy right! The one that we really liked...sold..which I guess is good cause someone else really liked the house too! It's funny we will search for houses at different times and our list the we compile are almost identical with ones that we like! Great minds think do really think alike!

Alright it's almost lunch times which means I have to get to the river where 12 horses are waiting to have their teeth worked on! Yes horses have to go to the dentist too!! I'll try and upload some pics on the next blog sitting! Bye for now!


The Greats said...

The wedding album proofs are just great. Several of your friends in Arkansas keep asking about the album.
I love the idea of 12 horses going to the dentist. Since you had their hoofs done earlier this week they should pass a "hoof & mouth test".
You definitely are a busy lady but we do hope you can continue your blog in your "spare time". Also need one of those new business cards!!

Laura said...

Hi Ann,
Yeah! you updated your blog :) Hope you have fun with Meghan and have a relaxing weekend. Clara and I are going to a party for the new interns, but Tom has to work. We will be social for him! Haha! Talk to you soon. Love you,

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