Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well last night we found ourselves meeting up with our realtor in a neighborhood Jared and I LOVE! It's great neighborhood! It has walking trails, a clubouse, pool, all the perks! We looked at 2 houses that were a street apart from one another! The first house was ok. It had a nice kitchen but needed some TLC! The yard was a mess....the walls needed painting...and we would want to get rid of some of the carpet and put down tile. other than those couple things the house was ok. The next house......was AMAZING! It was the nicest house that we have come across!! The kitchen is HUGE! I think I would have to get some more fiestaware in order to use all the cabinets! If you can believe that! It has granite countertops...built in oven, stove, and mircowave, it comes with the fridge! nice perk....and it's GOREGOUS! All over the house is crown modeling that is just beautiful! The master bedroom is wonderful! The ceiling is cut out similar to ours in our duplex and the bathroom....is SOOO NICE! Jet tub for those long days out at the barn...a tiled shower..oh and the tub has tiles all around it! A big closet and closed off potty area..(that has been a must for me) our house now doesn't have that!

There are three other bedrooms and another bathroom! All really nice! the backyard has like 8 trees in it and a littl peach tree! We really like this house and it's two houses down from our friends house! Browning would enjoy the backyard very much too!!!

Well here's some pics of the house!!

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The Greats said...

Hi Ann,
Beautiful home! Don't you just love the granite in the kitchen. Never hurts to look and dream! The front of the house is so attractive too.
Kitchen looks large enough for the family to gather and watch you and Jared make your good salsa.

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