Saturday, September 11, 2010


YEAh...the house is slowly getting back to normal. We have most of the furniture back in place, but we still need to put the washer and dryer back in and fill the china cabinet with china! Well I say we...but I mean Jared! hehe! It's nice to be able to get in the office now, get to our bedroom easily, see the floor in our bedroom, and watch tv on the couch! Oh the little things in life! Well we are VERY pleased with the outcome! We couldn't be happier with how the tile and floors look! They really update the house and look really good with our furniture and theme of our house! We have one small project left...the backsplash! Jared picked up the tile today and it looks great! Once that is completed we are going to take a BREAK from remodeling the house! I hope the dishwasher, washer, air conditioner, and hot water tank heard me!!!

New floors next to the semi new carpet

Living Room looking towards the front door...china cabinet on your right

New Tile- it's on diagonal pattern


Living room floor with our chair

Well it has been a busy 3 weeks! I can't believe 3 weeks of school is complete! This past week we had our open house! It went well. From a couple parents that came, they told me I was their child's favorite teacher and that they love coming to my class! That made my night!! Well then comes Friday morning...the day after open house...I had NO voice!! I not the world's biggest talker, and having to talk for about 13 hours straight did me in!!! I've never lost my voice like that!! NEVER!! I was very worried how I would get through the day without a voice! Kinda of a necessity for teachers!! Well each period I had another teacher to come in and give the spelling test! That was awesome! Did I mention how SWEET, NICE, GENEROUS, KIND, LOVING group of teachers I get to work with on a daily basis!?! Well if not they are AMAZING!! My classes were GREAT! They were so understanding of my lack of voice! They got their work finished, did great on their re take test, and were so quiet!! It was so cute, they would whisper me answers for their warm ups! It was sweet!

Progress reports go out on Tuesday...I think my email and voicemail will be flooded! Work has been keeping me very busy!! I feel a little disconnected right now with the outside world! I'm trying to catch up and get in a routine of some sorts! My classes are tying me up at nights and on Saturdays...they are the BIGGEST waste of time! I really wish they weren't such a waste and that I would get something more out of them! They are too expensive to be such a waste! But oh well...they are going to get me officially certified!!

I can't get over how fast time has gone by!! My 2 nieces and 1 nephew are all in school- Kindergarten and pre-school! A lot of "NEW" happening in our family in 2010!! Little William will be a year old next month!! WOW!! We will have lived in our 2 years next month--oh homeownerhsip!! January Jared and I will celebrate 3 years!! WOW! Time flies!!


Lori Lowe said...

I love the new floors. They look great. Can't wait to see them in person. Love you both.

Mama Jeannie said...

AnneMarie, it's so good to catch up on your life, how you love your students and the teachers you work with. Love your wood and tile floors too. You and your hubby have been busy, haven't you? Looks like you guys did a great job! I hope your voice is back to normal. Maybe, in time, your vocal chords will get in shape for all the talking you have to do on a daily basis. :0) All is well in my little neck of the woods, but lots of busyness all around me with football season going full-steam-ahead. I'll 'talk' to you soon. Keep those pictures coming. I want to see your backsplash when you get finished. That is something I want us to do at our house... maybe in the spring.

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