Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making a Splash!!

Well thank goodness it's not a water type splash! I have had enough of those to last me awhile! I'm talking back splash for the kitchen!! It is finished and looking fabulous! Jared and I are so pleased with how everything came out! Maybe just maybe it was meant to be!! Our house is practically brand new now! We absolutely love the floors, the tile are now are back splash!!!

Jared's parents came up this past weekend and had a MAJOR role in the facelift of our kitchen yet again!!! Jack did all the tile laying, jared did all the cute, Lori helped grab spacers, hand off tiles, and make sure the lines were straight, and I buttered....the TILE silly!! Yes you butter tile...with adhesive not butter so it will stick to the board and stay in place! I must say it came second nature to me!! It was quite the family project! It took about 6 hours on Sunday and Jared finished it up last night! Our kitchen is AMAZING!! We are so happy with the out come!!!

Thank you so much Lowe's for coming up this past weekend!!!!! We couldn't have done it without you!!! Enjoy the pictures!!
The first tile is laid!!!
Such thought and precision!
I'm butterin!!
This is how your make the perfect cuts!!
OOHH OOHH we have 7!!
BOW WOW!!! I like my new tile!!

Details details!!
Perfect cuts!!
oh yes we have grout!!!
Isn't it pretty!!!

A little out of order...but tiles with spacers

The new kitchen floor tile

here is the new wood with the furniture
The finished product!!!


Thank you again Jack and Lori for coming to Waco to help us make a kitchen look AMAZING!!!!


Lori Lowe said...

You are soooo welcome! We enjoyed being a part of your project. I have to say we all made a great team! Love you both!

The Greats said...

Beautiful job and I'm sure it is doubly more when seen in person.
Be careful or someone will be trying to recruit you all as a tile team!
Nothing beats a family project and as Clara would say, "Good Job".
Love, G&G

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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