Sunday, August 1, 2010

So you Think you can SEW?!?

Well not really...but i'm learning!! I have been making some more burp cloths! Jared's boss in Mississippi is expected a little girl! They are huge Alabama Bama Cloths they shall get! This weekend has been pretty eventful!! Friday was my last day at Baylor!! It was a great day! Saturday was well just BUSY! In the morning we went to our friends little boys 1st birthday party! It was a petting zoo! Then to a law school graduation party. Then i photographed another 1st birthday party...then out to dinner for Jared's birthday at Shoguns! It was delicious! Then church this morning, lunch, laundry, and packing! I'm exhausted! So now i'm resting up so I can drive 10 hours tomorrow to ARKANSAS! I'm so excited to get to see family! I didn't think this trip would happen this summer, but couldn't be more thrilled! I'll get to see my parents, grand parents, sister, brother, brother in law, niece, nephew, and Chelsea! Browning will be joining me in the car as well as my friend HOlly! We will have 10 hours to lesson planning, classroom management, and tips to help the drive go by faster!

Britni with Hunter...the birthday boy!

Jared getting some Aubrey time! PRECIOUS!

The cake...Tim's aunt made it! So CUTE!

Some of the snacks! Britni is so creative...even
themed the snacks around the barn yard theme!!

The other day we were having a storm and
this rainbow was right out the front door!

BAMA 1& 2

Little B's 1st Birthday Party!


The Greats said...

Good pictures, as usual. You are fast becoming the "burp cloth" expert.
Everyone anxiously awaiting your arrival and hoping you are really on your way by 6 a.m.
Grandmotherly advise now:
"Hurry, but drive carefully"

Lori Lowe said...

Ann, such a busy weekend...get some rest so you won't be too tired to drive. Have a great trip to Arkansas...give everyone a hug for me.

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