Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a Week

Well this week I fell as if i am on a never ending roller coaster! I go up, down, around, upside down, stomach in knots....can you get a mental picture? Well maybe this will help?!!?
My housework this week has gone out the window, Browning needs to go on about a 5 miles run/walk and have the ball tossed to him about a 1000 times to make up for my lack of attention to him! But i'm hoping tonight i can some what make it up to him! Jared has been working second shift this week, so i haven't really seen him much since Monday. So needless to say i will be GLAD to be back on schedule next week.

On a side note... Jared and I along with some of our friends from our Sunday School class are going to float the river this weekend. We are all sharing a condo so we are both looking forward to a relaxing and fun weekend with friends. Luckily this year there is plenty of water in the river unlike last year hitting all the rocks with our tube! hehe! YEA for rain! It's funny we are taking 2 for the boys and one for the girls! Yes nothing much has changed since elementary school! Hopefully we will hit the outlet mall on the way home...just a thought! The girls car can go to the outlet and the boys car can go to Cabela's! I am 99.9% sure that is what will happen!

Jared has asked me sew him something!!! HEHE!! His boss's wife is pregnant and they are Alabama i'm seeing so more onsies and burp cloths in the future! I think she is having a girl so i'm excited to add some bows and cutsie things to the items! I found some cute BAMA fabric online and will probably be ordering that very soon! I'll post once I finish! Next week will be my first sewing class! Should be fun!

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Lori Lowe said...

Relax and have some is well deserved for both you and Jared!

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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