Saturday, July 10, 2010

For your Spitting Pleasure

Are you confused by the title?!?! Well i am now in the business of making burp cloths for little babies! Thanks to my Mom and Dad for getting me a sewing machine for my birthday! HEHE!! Last night and well into the morning, I was learning how to sew! I wanted to make a cutsie burp cloth for some friends who are having babies/showers, and I have seen on blogs and etsy these cute burp rags and said "self i can make these!!" Well To my SURPRISE when my parents came into town last night they bought me a Janome 25th Anniversary machine! So since then i have been sewing up a storm! HA! It's been fun. So now when I have another baby shower to go to...I know what i'm bringing!! I am going to be nosy and spy on more blogs to get ideas for more cutsie little things! Enjoy the pics!!!

Burp cloth #1
#1-4!!! I told you I have been busy!
Every Aggie needs their overalls! Well this one is a little jumper!
(check out that stitching!!!!)

So cute!
The pink onesie
The back!
The back of the white onsie
The front

All of the onsies i had to sew around the patch that was cut out from the fabric used for the burp cloths.

My new sewing machine! It's so cute!


Lori Lowe said...

Sooooo cute....I think you may have inherited your mom's talent for sewing! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann Marie,
Glad you are enjoying your very first sewing machine. We are so glad we were able to surprise you with it.
Love you,
mom and dad

Ashley said...

Great job on the sewing! Even though aTm they are really cute!!!

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