Monday, June 15, 2009

A "Lowe" weekend

Well this past weekend Jared's parents came to visit. We had a great time with them and getting them a little more familiar with Waco's traditions. They got a taste of George's and the Big O and their famous crazy wings! mmm soo good. For those of you who have not tasted the yummy goodness, a "crazy wing" is made up of a piece of boneless chicken (so we are in the right direction to start out with!) a piece of a jalepeno and cheese wrapped in bacon and deep fried. They are traditionally served with ranch or blue cheese. So pretty much we are talking the health food in its finest! YEAH RIGHT!! But they are really good! Really bad thing are traditionally the best tasting...why is that?!?!

Well anyways after George's it was pretty much bed time. Sunday we woke to a very busy day ahead of us! Jared and his dad were busy cleaning the air conditioner, then they cut down a dead tree in the front yard, ate breakfast, went shopping for a new tree, bought 2 crepe myrtles for the backyard, and after 3 nurseries settled on another krepe mrytle for the front yard. So I think Krepe Mrytle's are my new favorites tree/bush! Yes it's both! We got one called a dynamite red and the other is "watermellon!" Very pretty!

Our yard is really coming along nicely. In all, the backyard now features 4 crepe myrtles and 1 magnolia tree! YEAH! Oh and all my flower pots and now full!! My mother in law hooked me up with some great flowers. Our patio is a little garden oasis! I'm pretty exciting! Oh and also...they are the coolest things!!! I also got three ceramic mushrooms that look great with the new cushions and will last forever! They are so cute! It was an early birthday present from Jared's parents!

On Sunday, I also went to my friends baby shower. She is having a little boy...Hunter! She is due in a couple weeks! I met her through our SUnday school class. it was a nice shower and she got a lot of stuff for her little boy! It's all so cute and little! Lots of blue and sports themed things for that household!!

Well after the baby shower and Jared's parents departure we went to our friends house for dinner. The Lemhkuhl's invited us over and we had a great time! Daniel just went to work for Jared and seems to be enjoying his new job at Sanderson Farms! Carolyn is his wife and she is just so sweet. She is an accountant. We had a great time...eating chicken! He's already supporting Sanderson farms! YEA! So needless to say our weekend was packed full!! We had a great time seeing Jared's parents and being with friends!!

On another parents house is for sale as of tonight! I guess it is kinda bittersweet! They are moving on to a better place...Lakeview, AR! They are going to be close to my grandparents...YEAH YEAH!!! and my Dad will soon be retired! YEA! --days spent on the river fishing, on the boat fishing, on the boat cruising, or on the jet ski cutting it up on Bull Shoals lake! They are going to love retirement! On they other hand they will be leaving a house that has been our home for 10 years almost 11. Hard to believe how fast time has flown by! But I think Arkansas out ways the other hands down! So pray for a quick sale on the house~ I know it will go smoothly!!!

Enjoy the pics!


Lori said...

Ann Marie and Jared,
We really enjoyed seeing you this past weekend. It is hard to believe all of the improvements you two have made to your house. Everything looks great! Your yard and patio are such a pleasant place to sit and relax. Love the mushrooms!
Mom and Dad Lowe

The Greats said...

We loved the "Lowe" Down this week.What a colorful back yard. Crape myrtle are one of mine and Leon's favorites and the best part is that the hotter the weather the more they bloom. The mushrooms are perfect for your patio. Browning is definitely one of the hits of this blog--how can he possibly be stretched out so far?
See you in a few days!

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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