Friday, June 19, 2009

A Day in the life of Browning

(spoken from Browning)

Hi guys,

Well Mom took me to work with her again!! I can't believe how many times I have gotten to go to the barn this week. Well there is so much to do at the barn. I run and run and run and sniff and run and sniff and play in the water. Sometimes i have to be careful cause there are these really really big dogs (aka Horses) that chase me sometimes but I think they are still my friends! Well today mom finally got a video of me jumping the hay bales. It's so much fun! I love jumping the hay bales and being outside...althought it's kinda hot! I ride in the gator and my ears just fly in the wind. I really like spending all this time with my mommy! She lets me take naps in her office and i even got to go swimming the other day! She tells me we are going to the lake again! I can't wait...I LOVE WATER AND SWIMMING! I also like to go in the boat! My ears really flap then! Well i gotta go and get back to the barn! I think some of those really big dogs left me some little treats from their breakfast! See you soon!


The Greats said...

Hi Browning,
Aren't you having fun with "Mom"
at the office.

You had better rest-up and get ready to travel to the "Big Lake" in Arkansas. Bring your life jacket and your frisbee and plan on having fun in the water.

G&G to Grand-Dog

Laura said...

Hey Browning! That was so funny to watch you jump the bales of hay!! you have soooo much energy! See you in a couple weeks :)

Aunt Laura

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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