Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Remodel 101

So the fun continues making 10329 Sierra West more fitting to our style and taste. So what do you ask have we done.....well..both of our bathrooms have received a little redo! Thanks to my ebay shopping, I found a great deal on some wrought iron bath accessories. Well I had been watching them and thinking....watching and pricing other bath products at Lowe's, bed bath and beyond and marshalls. Well those fine stores wanted to break the bank in order to update the bathroom. The more I would ebay wrought iron bathroom accessories...the more i fell in love! So I ordered! In just a couple days I received my package! I was very impressed with my find! They are solid wrought iron...twisted like our living room furniture and saddle stand so they fit right in with the decor. Jared is so handy with his electric drill that he went to work on both bathrooms last night and got them all finished! They look great! We also replaced the lighting in the master bathroom too! No more Hollywood lights!

Jared's parents came up this past weekend to help us put gutters on the back of the house! Within just a few hours....gutters on the house! they look great. Jared enjoyed getting some time with his dad doing guy stuff! Working with power tools and getting dirty!! Yes very manly stuff!! The paint on the back porch matches perfectly to the gutters! We enjoyed having them come up and go to church with us! Jared made his infamous venison burgers. We thoroughly enjoyed them. Here are some pictures from this weekend!


Laura said...

Your bathroom accessories look great! Your post cracked me up too...I like the way you say things. Burgers looked good too - even if they were venison ;)

Hope you get better soon!! Love you!

The Greats said...

Great e-bay shopping Annie. Everything continues to fit together and looks great. The new light fixture is great with the mirror.
The burgers did look good--was that cheese rolling down the sides?
I love the picture of Jared just standing flat and holding up the gutter--that guy just does not need ladders!
Praying for YOU--

Lori said...

Ann & Jared,
The bathroom fixtures look great! You are such a great Ebay shopper! We had such a good time with ya'll last weekend! Jared's venison burgers were superb!!!
We are praying that you feel better very soon! We love you both!
Mom & Dad Lowe

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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