Monday, November 9, 2009

Loaded Weekend

Well this weekend was a lot of fun, I must say! Busy but fun! Friday night Jared and I went to dinner and had a relaxing night. I cleaned for just a little...we were saving the over haul for Saturday morning...such procrastinators we are!~ So Saturday we kinda sleep in...GLORIOUS! So I start cleaning the house and Jared starts the clean up of the front and backyard! So my cleaning was more of like a SPRING cleaning..I kept finding things that would bother me and if it bothers me then it might bother someone else...So cleaning was on the agenda! Jared mowed, weed eated, edged, blew all the leaves, grass etc off the patio, sidewalk! The yard looked great when he finished! And it took the good majority of the afternoon! Then our friend came over to help him fry the turkey. I finished my cleaning...and then had to go to the grocery store! So i left the house around 3 pm for the grocery store, Realized i left my recipes at i ran by work then to Wally World! What a wonderful place! I love that everyone shops on the weekends! They fill the aisles with carts and then socialize with their second cousins best friend's mom's daughter! A slight exaggeration but still so true! So as they block the aisle...i can't get the one can of soup i need to complete my shopping list! EERR! So after getting all my goodies i head home! I get home about 4:30 pm and the party starts at OUR HOUSE!!!! So I plan to make the following:

Cranberry Relish
Green Bean Casserole
Spinach Dip
Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin Pie from the Southern Living Magazine!
Oh and take a my hair...find something cute to wear-i laugh!

So I make everything and leave the Pumpkin pie till the end--not the best move on my part! I didn't read the entire instructions....3 hour and like 30 minute bake time!!!! OOPS! but no worries it turned out great!

Oh and by the way...just in case you were wondering....i got EVERYTHING made...and had time to take a shower and straighten my hair...Even though it was like 65 outside and like 70 in the felt like 120 degrees! It took me a little while to cool down...but everything was finished! and quite yummy!

The party went pretty well! We had about 15-18 people over! Our last guests left about 10:30 and then Jared's parents and grandma arrived at exactly the same time. We stayed up a bit chatting and then it was bed time!

Sunday morning Jared and his dad got to work on our ceiling. We think the leak was in the chimney. So they got that all fixed! YEAH! Then the fridge started leaking water....again...coincidence?!? Why doesn't everything just fall apart at once! So him and his dad figured out what the problem was and YEAH we don't have to buy a new fridge! His grandma made some yummy banana bread and his mom, grandma and i enjoyed catching up on life while the guys worked!

I promise one weekend we will not put you all to work when you come to visit!

I'll post pics later tonight!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann Marie,
The words you use and the phrases you use are so exciting. Makes one want to keep reading for the next exciting part of the story. You sure do pile on the work. But you have learn how to time manage. With a job, going to school, and a home life that is alot plus entertaining your friends on to of it all. Thumbs up to you.

The Greats said...

I just could not believe that you could get it all done in time (as we talked while you were driving home from Wal-Mart)BUT you did and I just know it was all delicious.
2 Thumbs up to you both!
The pictures are great--just trying to decide which to keep!

Lori said...

We loved getting to see ya'll this past weekend. I am so glad that the refrigerator problem wasn't so serious that you had to get a new one! Two Mr. Fix-its are better than one!!!
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