Monday, November 2, 2009

Harvest Hoedown

So every Oct 31st our church host a Harvest Hoedown for all the kids in Waco. It's a great experience for kids and adults to play games, get some candy, and have fun. Well this year...we slipped in when I got home from College Station. Our Sunday School class ran several booths and enjoyed getting to run around with all the kids. After it was over we all went to Rudy's for some dinner! MMM! Jared and I are so glad we found this Church and this class! We have made some GREAT friends!

Speaking of great friends... last night Holly and Chris came over for dinner and Holly helped me with my lesson plans! Pretty much my lesson ROCKS! Thanks Holly for all your help! We even had the neighbor kids come over and give us some insight into our Fraction Shuffle rap! Yea I'm pretty excited to present this Fraction lesson!

Well this upcoming weekend we are going to host a Thanksgiving party at our house for our Sunday School class! We are looking forward to it! I am going to try out some new recipes and some old classic ones! The house it going to be smelling of pumpkin and cinnamon! AAWW i love the holidays! Last night we went to HEB to do our grocery shopping...i got some pumpkin spice creamer! Did i mention i love the holidays! So as i type i'm sipping on some coffee!
I'll have the camera all charged ready for picture taking!

Our Sunday School Class- Pretty much the BEST!


The Greats said...

You make your G&G so happy to hear how you feel about your SS class and your church. As you know, we have had the same kind of friendships here all through the years and they are the BEST kind.
We know your dinner will turn out well and just wish we were enjoying a cup of pumpkin spice coffee with you this afternoon.
Also curious about your Fractions lesson plan?

Holly said...

I was so glad I could help! You will have to let me know how this lesson turns out! :) We think y'all are great friends as well and enjoy getting to hang out with you!

I CANNOT wait until Saturday! YUM! By the way...that Pumpkin Spice Creamer is the BEST!!! I just ran out and need to go get some! Hope you have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann Marie,
We are so happy you and Jared have made some great friends in Waco.
It is good to hear you were able to go from one activity to another with out missing a beat. So you do not miss out on the fun. I now have in my possession a good pumpkin bread recipe. that might be good to have around the holidays.

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