Wednesday, June 11, 2008

That REALLY Happened!

So this afternoon was going great! I got off a little early..Jared was home early...We were trying to make some Chinese potstickers and just plain enjoying each others company! Then we decided to go out and eat dinner! All going great! On the way home I suggested we go fishing and take the 4-wheeler out! All good right....well me being an inexperienced 4-wheel into a little bit of trouble! Who knew mud could get so deep that the 4-wheeler was stuck!! AND I MEAN STUCK!! It was probably in about 4 feet of mud! So as Jared hears the roaring of the 4 wheeler he walks over and sees the predicament I was in! He was well.....kinda mad....kinda nervous...kinda frustrated...and wanting to get it out!!! We tried just the two of us to get it out...but no use...At this point I am covered head to toe in mud! I had mud behind my ears...! So Jared walked back to the house to get the truck and anything to get the 4 wheeler out! He returned with the truck and some boards...a shovel...his bathing suit.! First we had to find a way to get the truck down where the wheeler was! Which is pretty tricky because we don't want to get the truck stuck in the Jared finds the way down to the creek with the truck! We try doesn't budge...we try again...nothing! Jared is pretty HOT right now and i'm just scared that this 4wheeler is going to be stuck here...we try a third time....AND....the 4 wheeler moves a little....we try again and it's free!!! YEAH!!! Now all we have to do is get the truck out of the creek bank! EASY right....NOT REALLY! Jared goes back the same way but can't get back over...his tires are just spinning!! OH GREAT!!! We try getting the truck back over again and again and again and again...nothing! So I suggested going through this field to a concrete road...LUCKILY that works! So the truck made it back home with just a little mud...the 4 wheeler makes it back covered in mud and I make it back with mud every where on my body!!! I have never been in so much mud!!

So the moral of the story is just because you have a 4 wheeler....keep it on solid ground...don't go anywhere near the mud!

Browning was also covered in mud! He got a bath!

So now I am is the 4-wheeler, and Jared, and the dog! CRAZY NIGHT!!! NOT EVER TO BE REPEATED!!!


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The Lowe Wedding Day
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