Sunday, November 14, 2010

Engagement Party

Yesterday we spent the afternoon and evening in Schulenberg. The party was on a private scenic ranch! Quite picturesque!! The property was beautiful, rolling hills, pond, barns, horses, ranch house...yea pretty much a dream!! Here are some pictures from the party! Enjoy!

Love it! Country Living!

Brandon, Jared, and Brooke (B2B)

Brandon and Brooke

Aww the Happy Couple!

Gotta Love Cake

Country Decor! I Love It!!!!

This cake was delicious!!!

Jared and I next to the old barn!!


So Scenic!

Peaceful...lovely...Country living!


Carolyn said...

Great picture of you and Jared by the barn!

Lori Lowe said...

I love all the pictures! It was so fun to see everyone and be with my kids too!!!! I love you both!

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