Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baylor Homecoming

This weekend has been all Baylor! You would think we both graduated from Baylor! Jared is so upset with A&M now...i think he was happy to support another school! Especially one that doesn't employee his wife any more!! HAHA! Last night we met up with our friends from church for dinner and then went to the bonfire! Woke up early...yes early on my one Saturday to not have go to the parade. We grabbed a nutritious breakfast of kolaches and donuts and went to the parade with Browning in tow! He was so excited and sporting a Baylor t-shirt! Jared wore yellow and I was in green! Like I would think we were Baylor grads! The parade was good, and then onto our last minute errands before the game! I made a 7 layer dip that was quite yummy and perfect for football tailgates! We went to our friends tailgate and then onto the game! Here is where we start to go down hill. With only like 2 minutes into the first quarter they delay the game due to weather! Well about an hour later the RAIN comes! It was a freakin monsoon! With everyone else trying to get under the stadium... Jared and I head for the field to get under the part where the football players run out! Yes we stormed the Baylor football field like crazed fans!! We get under this pavillion that is reserved for the "snooty" Baylor alum. We stay there for about 30 minutes than head back to our seats! We are now SOAKED and FREEZING! Guess what else happened...?!?! A cold front comes in...of course it does!! So we are WET and Cold...finally the game starts again..2.5 hours later! Right before half time it starts to rain this time I calling it quits!! I had had enough...seeing how I didn't even go to Baylor in the first place! So now we are home...dry and in our lazy weekend clothes watching the school we actually both went to play KU! So far they are up, hopefully it will stay that way! Enjoy the pictures!
Our little Baylor Bear
Too Cute!
(yes this is one of my old equestrian shirts)
Paige, me, Ashley, and B-Crump
Jared and Lil Bear!

Family Pic!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like alot of fun even though you got wet and cold. You look good in green. I would like some of the 7 layer dip about now.

Lori Lowe said...

I love the family picture with "little Bear" so cute. Glad ya'll had fun in spite of the rin!

Yakuza said...

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