Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I did it!

Yes I did it...I hosted my first baby shower! I think it went really well! I met Lucy, our mommy to be, at church. Her and her husband Jimmy used to be in our small group until our classes split! Lucy is such a sweet heart! She is going to be a great mommy to little Aubrey! She is due in about in late March! We had a ton of food, gifts and PINK to honor her little bundle of joy! It was a lot of fun too...we played some baby shower games and enjoyed meeting her family and catching up with friends!
Ashley teaching us how to swaddle a baby!
Lucy eating some yummy baby food in a minute! I think it was pears...not purified turkey..thanks goodness
Holly guessing what the "poopy diaper" worries it was just melted candy bars!
The diaper cake and some decorations
The was princess themed! Very fitting for the princess to be!

Yummy shower food!!
More food!
Close up of the diaper cake! So Cute!!!
Our mommy to be with some of her little one's new wardrobe!
This was too cute..that's her mother in law singing a lullaby to little Aubrey!

All the hostess's with Lucy
Everything food/drink had a name tag! So cute!

I love shower punch!!! This one was made from strawberry jello! I'm getting the recipe and will make this sometime!! So tasty!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann Marie,
Wow!! What a party. I am eating my way thru your pictures. I think i gained 5 pounds just looking at it all. The diaper cake is unusual what are the ingredients? Sounds like a fantastic party!

Laura said...

Hey Ann,
That was cool how you hung the pink ribbon to show off the clothes. Good idea :) Looks like a really nice shower. Will you email me a picture of the diaper cake? It's hard to see details up close and I may want to make one for my friend. Thanks,

The Greats said...

Beautiful baby shower party.So many unusual ideas or maybe I am just sadly outdated.
The diaper cake is really something
and also the way you displayed the gifts of clothing.
All in all just a great looking party.

Anonymous said...

Ah, This is awesome! Clarifies
several contradictions I've been hearing.

Anonymous said...

Ah, This is exactly what I was looking for! Clarifies
several misnomers I've read

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