Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thanksgiving in August?!?!

So this past weekend we went to Sugar Land for a couple of reasons; Jared and his dad went to the Duck Commanders breakfast on Saturday at his old church! They had a great time! Jared even won another door prize! It was his lucky week! He won three duck prints which, and this is bizarre, his dad has the same three! CRAZY! They are neat prints of ducks..hehe...that are sketched with like a pencil. One is a mallard drake, the other is a pintail drake and a wood duck drake. Jared is going to make a frame for them all out of...can you guess...?!!? FENCE pickets and hang them in his office at work! His walls are VERY bare...so this will spic his office up! The prints are numbered and all...so official! So after the Duck Commanders...Jared and I his mom, sister, and grandma spent the day shopping! Hey it was Texas Tax Free weekend! WE couldn't help ourselves! Then out to dinner for some YUMMY Mexican at Lopez! That has become a tradition when we go to Sugar Land we go to Lopez! No complaints from us!

We also celebrated Jared's dad's birthday this past weekend. Jared made him an ice chest! He has this one down pretty good now! I'm still surprised by his talents! Hmmm I wonder what the next project will be :o) So the Birthday dinner...was more like a thanksgiving dinner! We had steak...shrimp....salad...potatoes...fruit and dip....brie and crackers.....cake! It was all delicious! His mom and grandma are quite the cooks! His dad is also a whiz on the grill! We hadn't eaten steaks in quite awhile! They are almost taboo in our household! j/k!

Here are some other pictures I have been slow to upload!

Jared's birthday at the river! We had a good time and yes there was water in the river! I didn't get any shots on the river because i was afraid of getting my camera wet! But i did get some good shots of all the DEER around the house! It was wild how many deer we saw and how close we could get to them!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann Marie,
Wow!! what a weekend for Jared.
Congrats on the door prizes. The deer pics are great. We enjoyed seeing you this weekend.

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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