Monday, August 31, 2009

Loaded Weekend

Well this weekend just seems like I snapped my fingers and it was over! Very sad! Friday night we had our annual equestrian team retreat...which equates to NO SLEEP! I think most of the girls had a good time! It's hard to tell and hard to please that many people. Funny story friday night we had hamburger dinner catered by a local company! They do a great job! but i'm getting off I send out all the emails to the girls about what to bring and what the team will provide aka...a hamburger I received an email from one of our INTELLIGENT freshman asking...."what kind of food will be served at the hamburger dinner?" Yes this is what i get to deal with on a daily basis!

So after the retreat I went onto another baby shower! One of my friends from our Sunday school class is going to have a little boy, Matthew. Her shower was at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame! It was a neat idea to have the shower there. The McKowns are huge Dallas Cowboy fans and they had a room that was entirely dedicated to the Cowboys...very fitting! His nursery is going to have a Cowboy theme along with sport bears! Very cute! So then after the shower....the NAP was calling! Jared spent the afternoon with the guys shooting his guns! Browning even got to go! THey had a good time!

Sunday rolled around...and we had to get up earlier than usual since the schedule of our service changed to 8:30 instead of 11! So off the early service we go and Sunday school where we met our new teachers. They seem nice! She is a fifth grade teacher at Midway Intermediate!! So after church we went to Olive Garden..YUMMY and then home to do yard work! The lawn got mowed and Jared cute down my overgrown rose tree! He hated that rose it's gone! It will be so much nicer to mow back there and not have those thorns grabbing at you the whole time! Then our friends Holly and Chris came over for a bit and then grocery shopping! That would complete my weekend!

Now back at work for a busy week! School starts tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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The Lowe Wedding Day

The Lowe Wedding Day
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