Monday, December 13, 2010

Coming to an End

Well it's been a fun time playing house at 10329 Sierra West. Another milestone has come into our lives. No longer are we first time home buyers but now first time sellers. The papers have been signed, and our house is official on the market! There will be a lock box on the house tomorrow and it can start being shown. The website should contain the pictures and write up on the house no later than Thursday! I went through the house today snapping pictures and reminiscing in every room. It is amazing all the projects we have endured in 2 years and 2 months. This house has been good to us, and we have enjoyed making it our home! It was pretty tough handing over the keys to the Realtor today. I pretty much teared up right in front of her! This whole move has been weighing on me recently. June is a long time away, and these weekend visit from Jared are too quick. Selling a house alone is tough! I have mixed emotions about when I want it to sell! I would love for the people who see our house to absolutely fall in love with it because I did! That would be comforting to know that we made good choices in our first home, our designs, and upgrades! But I don't want it to sell too soon because then my home is no longer! Either way we have the most gracious friends to offer up their spare bedrooms. Then I will be the one commuting on the weekends! HA! Our Realtor has nothing but compliments about our house (i know this is part of her job) , but it is still nice to hear! Hopefully Browning won't mind strangers into his home! He'll probably just greet them with a ball hoping for a strong arm and friend! Enjoy the pictures!

The ole yellow room! So cute now!

Probably the most unchanged room of all!
Oh the Aggie office!

One of my most favorite remodels and cheapest!

Master's supposed to be spa esque...what do you think??

Our room...oh how i love "cowboy boots"
Our living room

My dining room...the poinsettia is about all my Christmas decorating

Oh my kitchen!! I love this kitchen and my backsplash!!

Our front door and entryway

Entertainment center

The's official

Oh the sign....


Lori Lowe said...

I know how you feel about leaving the house...we stayed so many years in our last house, that the memories were everywhere. Whatever happens (sooner or later) you will make it through. Thinking about you! Love you!

Laura said...

Your house looks great Ann!! It will show well since you have 0 clutter and everything is decorated so nice and looks so clean. Love you!!

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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