Monday, October 13, 2008

More house pictures!


Well another successful weekend at the Lowe house! We're not finished yet but well on our way! The house is really coming along nicely! A lot of our friends from church have come by and taken the tour! They all seem to really like it! This past weekend my parents came up and my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew! Quite a group! Everyone seemed to really like all the work that has been put into the house!! There is definitely much love, sweat and tears in this house! Quite the group/family project! We had a lot of fun packing and unpacking! Here are some pictures of the house now! The lighting was kinda bad in some of the pictures. I took them all at night and my camera just doesn't like that! Jake had a good time wearing Jared's flip flops and Hannah enjoyed wearing my boots! They were so cute! they even wanted to get in on helping us move! For quite awhile they mopped the duplex floor!!

We got a really exciting phone call on Saturday....Our bedding came in! YEAH! It looks so good! The chocolate wall and the bedding are perfect! They really pop! The office is a bit under construction right now! Tomorrow evening I am going to tackle the chair rail! I think I can handle painting that solo from the excellent teaching I received from Jared's mom! The washer and dryer got moved in on Sunday and look great up against the Mint chocolate chip walls! I even did some laundry...and I was happy in my fun room!!! hehe

And the kitchen.....oh the oh my the kitchen....I think I just realized that I have a lot of dishes!! Not that i am complaining...I LOVE FIESTAWARE! but that is going to keep me busy for a little while! My mom got me started and did a great job helping me pack and clean and organize!! I wish i could just take a week off of work and just spend it in the house!! Unfortunately i have to leave town on thursday and am not getting back till! But it's going to be a fun trip cause Baylor's going show KSU and OSU how it's done!

Well...tonight has been fun Jared and I signed up to play softball with our sunday school class and we played 2 games tonight! we lost both but had a great time!!! Talk soon Enjoy the pictures!


Mom Lowe said...

Everything is looking great! I know ya'll are working hard to get everything completed, and it looks super! We can't wait to come see it again really soon!
Mom Lowe

Anonymous said...

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The Lowe Wedding Day
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